Diary of a Pastor’s wife.

dear Diary.jpg

Week One…

We met at a club and he was as bubbly as I wanted my husband to be; His passion for what he liked got my attention, the adventures he was ready to try out blew me away. Bayo and I were two musketeers on a wild adventure.

we did everything that could be done by two young adults and I was satisfied with the choice I had made.

Three years later, nothing was the same.

Bayo Started attending Church on Sundays and then Wednesdays and before I knew it, he was paying tithe religiously and sowing seeds.

“Bayo, you are taking this church thing too seriously!” I always said.
He just kept assuring me that nothing will change but everything changed!

As a good wife, I tried to catch up with his church pace but before I could put myself together, I became the wife of a Pastor.

I didn’t prepare to be a Pastor’s wife but somehow, I had to play the role and look the part…

….. to be continued

#JustWritingAloud AL




*…Blog picture [Dear Diary] gotten from https://letterbalm.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/letterbalm-dear-diary.png through google search.

14 thoughts on “Diary of a Pastor’s wife.

  1. This is like the TV series, just when it starts to get very interesting, they tell you Next On………
    I know I can’t wait for Tuesday……
    Thanks Anne, this site is cool.


  2. Sometimes it starts like it never did start.
    lol,will like to see how she played on the role,
    …….pastor’s wife ke? Na serious calling be that o!


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