Brown and Peaches

peaches and brown.jpg

My daughter came home after her first day at her new school and she asked why she was being referred to as black.

“Mummy Black means dirty” she said.

She knows her colours and tried to make me realize that her skin is brown and that of her new classmates are a shade of brown and peach.

This got me thinking of the origin of the racial label “Black” and the negative connotation of the colour.

  • Blackmail
  • Blacklist
  • Black market
  • Black Sheep
  • Black – hearted
  • Black humor

White on the other hand stands for purity, innocence, virginity, cleanliness, heaven, peace which are inherently positive.

Who has ever seen a white human being though? I know i haven’t …

The English language was definitely an expression of the Europeans to favour their interest.

Hence they referred to us as they perceived us to be “Black”

but that was our past.

We can change our future by referring to ourselves in more positive terms there by changing our realities.

#JustWritingAloud AL




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4 thoughts on “Brown and Peaches

  1. The color of a person does not determine his or her content. What is important in life is the content of a person not the color. Does the color change the person’s content or value? How do you know content or value? The question you should rather ask yourself is? Who am I? What have I made out of myself? Have I invested enough in myself and personality to be indispensable or needed in my world? Black is beautiful, Black is strength, Black is sign of greatness, Black is power and Authority. Let them know this truth.


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