Spicy Sex

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I must admit that sex isn’t one of my favorite topics. However, as a married woman, it is a VERY important topic.

So, on one of my women’s fellowship days, the topic of discussion was submission but we gradually talked our way to the topic we secretly love to talk about; SEX. The coordinator talked about the importance of sex and how Christian women ought to be “spicy on bed”. There was a lot of whispering and giggling from women who had children … it almost seemed like she was talking to teenagers…She finally got audible reactions when she mentioned that oral sex was one of the ways to be spicy on bed.

Ahhh!! Argument erupted as one divide said they would never indulge in anything that dirty. The other divide insisted that nothing is unclean in itself as long as it is within the confines of marriage.

I’m sure you’re wondering which side of the divide I belong to.  Well, this discussion isn’t about me. I’m just gisting… lol Anyway, the coordinator didn’t allow the obvious disgust of the majority deter her. She delved into the topic and I jotted thus:

Oral sex is oral stimulation of a partner’s genitals with your mouth.

It isn’t unusual for women to avoid oral sex because they feel / think that the penis is full of germs. If this is your concern, then ensure that your husband takes a bath before bedtime and taking a bath with him is spicy too.

Don’t feel inadequate or critical of yourself. Don’t wonder if you’re doing “it” right. Trust me, with communication and practice you will perfect the art. She quoted Songs of Solomon 4: 16 [ I haven’t gotten the revelation yet]

“The decision to enjoy or put up oral sex on your menu is your choice to make and I believe that God is fine with it. However, if the thought sickens you, don’t do it but make sure you look for other ways to be spicy on bed. Remember that monotony can get your husband bored causing him to look for variation outside”

This is the most talked about women’s meeting till today.

So what do you think about oral sex? What side of the divide are you on? These things should be talked about so, please share your opinion.




*… Blog Picture [Under Construction] gotten from http://www.fitlista.com/wp-content/uploads/bfi_thumb/10108572_l-2y7gywmh14m01rut5mlgcq.jpg through google search.

11 thoughts on “Spicy Sex

  1. hahahhahahaahhahaahhhaha @Songs of Solomon scripture. Had to rush and go check o!!!! Hmmm… any comment I make here will put me in trouble since I am not married o. lol
    But in all seriousness, sex really needs to be talked about openly and not as if it is a forbidden thing. After all, God made sex. of course its not to be used the way it is right now but still….
    Thanks AL, for having the guts to talk about topics like this. xx


    1. Hi Aijay, Thanks for the contribution. Having the right information about any topic is always an advantage.
      … So trust me, that comment in your mind should not get you in trouble but prepare you for a spicy marriage. * wink
      … just keep reading my posts and I may just reveal my side of the divide.


  2. The most important thing in marriage is Communication and intercouse that keeps relationship good. Without Communication the relationship dries out and dies before any intercouse. Just as prayer is Communication with God that keeps the fellowship between you and God. Before long you think and talk like God. likewise in Communicating with one another, you will think alike and talk alike and do things alike…


      1. Wow, interesting topics here. Loving the blogs. Concerning the issues of oral sex, I still have my reservation personally. However I think there is so much untapped potential in unconditional love that the world is not experiencing. Not just in marriage but every sphere of life. I will limit my submission to marriage though since that is the subject of discussion. There is so much untapped potential in unconditional love that couples are missing. If only we will give ourselves away first to God and then to one another, we can go every length and even those things that our minds naturally can fathom, we will find ourselves doing them effortlessly in the environment of love. When love grows between Christian couples everything else grows. And trust me we can even discover new ways to spice up sex beyond oral sex.


      2. “When love grows between Christian Couples, everything else grows”. Mi4Jesus, You couldn’t have said it better.
        When there is love, there will be an understanding that won’t be guided by what others are doing …
        In an environment of mutual love there is discovery as each party seeks to satisfy or give to the other.
        Thanks for your contribution.


  3. I kind of find this post interesting…
    I like to think every *husband would love ***** from his wife before leaving for work in the morning ****’lol
    I for one believe couples shouldn’t shy away from discovering or learning new things to spice up their sexual lives..
    As an adventurous man, I will definitely get bored doing all that” missionary”‘ all the time.
    In all of these it is better for couples to know each others sexual fantasies and find a way to pleasure them….
    I hope my future wife won’t read my comment and refuse to marry me because I am joking oh!…lool..
    this is a lovely blog..
    Please, keep up the good work, continue to educate us!


  4. Hi adventurous man. I’m glad you found this post interesting:-)

    It is always nice getting a man’s perspective… Communicating sexual needs to a spouse makes for fulfillment in this department. I’m sure your future wife would want to know what your stand is on this topic. It is important that you discuss it prior to the wedding…

    Thanks for the positive feedback.


  5. AL!!!!
    Talking on “forbidden ” topics in the Christiandom! Lol
    My dear, ur boldness to take on such issues like sex in marriage is very applaudable as we all know keeping the fire burning in that department is crucial.
    Personally, I have discovered love, intimacy, great love making, COMMUNICATION, honour and respect, self esteem /confidence are all connected and affect the sexual decisions a woman makes…… when a woman feels loved, respected and safe with her spouse, there’s hardly any invisible limit placed on her by religion and traditions that she isn’t ready to break just to make him feel like a king……be it oral sex or more ‘juicy tinz’ that ‘research’ has taught her….
    It’s even more interesting when they gist and open up more about sexual curiosities and experiments they would like to try….
    Ohhhhh……sex is truly a forbidden topic we truly all love to codedly talk about! Lol


  6. “Personally, I have discovered love, intimacy, great love making, COMMUNICATION, honour and respect, self esteem /confidence are all connected and affect the sexual decisions a woman makes…… when a woman feels loved, respected and safe with her spouse, there’s hardly any invisible limit placed on her by religion and traditions that she isn’t ready to break ”

    Ammie i had to quote you as you ministered to even me.

    I’m one of those who would never talk about sex but i have grown to understand the importance of being open and just thought to share. I’m hoping that talking about it from a christian perspective will help someone break walls that have been built; walls of shame and walls of seeing sex from a negative lens…

    Thanks for your valuable contribution.


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