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facebook depression

I hadn’t spoken to this high school friend in almost a decade and on her birthday, I sent her a Facebook message. We struck a conversation and I asked her how well she had settled into her new country of residence.

She asked what country I was talking about as I drew her attention to her Facebook profile information. She had a good laugh and informed me that she is still in Nigeria, Bayelsa to be precise. Hahahahahaha … her reason for putting up Norway as her profile place of residence was hilarious … “ Everybody dey abroad, na only me go dey Nigeria? ”

This really cracked me up as I imagined how many people would have gone down the envy lane, wishing her “ amazing” life on themselves ( This is not to say she doesn’t have an amazing life)

Isn’t it funny how everyone on Facebook has an awesome life? Think about it for just a minute, almost every picture on Facebook is a “ humble brag”. People seem to have a life of glamour and excitement; unusual opportunities, unending trips around the world, wonderful children, well paid jobs, and perfect marriages.

People strategically design an online personae of who they want to be rather than who they are. It is called self-branding. I have no issues with self-branding. I am just concerned about people who view the filtered lives of others and get demoralized or envious.

Truth is this, Facebook is a wonderful medium to keep in touch with friends and family especially when they live far from us. It isn’t a place to assess one’s achievement against others. As human beings, we tend to put up our best when someone is watching thereby portraying a one-sided personality. The ‘best’ side we flaunt are without flaws, blemish imperfections, lack, want, shortcomings, hiccups or ‘Ooops’!!!

Realise that people have an awesome life but not without personal struggles and insecurities. The images and updates are seriously embellished for whatever reason …

Rather than spending hours going through the glossed life of Facebook friends and family and getting sad or depressed at their ‘perfect’ lives, focus on your REAL LIFE.

Focus on making real friends and striking a good conversation with people around you.

Focus on building an awesome bond with the people who matter. Work hard to maintain the said bond.

Focus on a relationship with your Maker. He is the source of real Success.




*…Blog picture [Free Falling] gotten from http://ticker.baruchconnect.com/article/facebook-envy-leads-to-depression  through google search.

13 thoughts on “Facebook Status

  1. This is a very nice write up. Most people love to dwell on other people’s achievement, instead of them dwelling on their own achievement/Business. Most people follow the gift other than the giver himself. PEACE

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  2. If you would be yourself and develop yourself to your best potential, you will always be needed for nobody can do what you do exactly like you. You don’t have to beg for anything ; take charge of your life today and invest more into your personality. Thanks, enlighten your mind on being yourself.

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    1. God has a plan for each of us as individuals.
      His plan takes us to His perfect will for us and we can only attain fulfillment by walking in Gods plan for us.
      Looking at the lives of others with envy is a distraction as the only person you need to compete with is you.


  3. True talk Sis. The success of one does not mean the other is failing. It’s best to be sincere about the picture we show to the world.

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  4. Let me start by saying I like your style of writing, quite concise, healthy and rich. I enjoy reading your piece.
    Social media superficial life cos you have to include Instagram and Linkedin to that equation.
    I think its a reflection of our desire to do,look and be better (the motives behind those desire is another matter hahahaha…) and
    of course the down side is if you are not disciplined enough or if you’re not content in your our skin it can lead to unhealthy competition,
    let me not lie, I see my friends Linkedin profile or Holiday photos on FB and IG and I am reminded that I need to go do some certifications or that I need to go see the world. So in essence, social media exposes us to possibilities but we need to establish the difficult act of Balancing.
    I think Contentment is key.

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  5. Hi Olu!! Thanks for your feedback, I really do appreciate it.

    Social Media has become the bane of many individuals…
    They have bought into depression just by looking at the lives of others.
    My reason for writing this article is to remind us that the green grass on the other side might be ARTIFICIAL.

    It is OK to draw inspiration from people’s achievements but like you said,
    we must know where to draw a balance.

    Thanks for your contribution.


  6. I feel I just found my thoughtalike (lol)….God bless n engrave wisdom eternally in your mind n heart.

    Great_Lovely write up….I pray the unnecessary lies n competition ends

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