Diary of a Pastor’s wife [II]

stray woman.jpg

… I didn’t prepare to be a pastor’s wife, but some how I had to play the role and
look the part

Week two …

Bayo’s schedule become demanding. He went from one pastor’s conference to another. He sat for hours after work to prepare sermons and at night, he prayed for hours while I craved his touch …

Bayo suddenly became boring; He stopped drinking, clubbing, or listening to Nigerian secular music. These were the things I enjoyed doing with my adventurous Bayo but they were not my major disappointments. I was lonely …

Bayo was on call all the time. He had to handle one issue or the other and trust me, there was always an issue.

The church felt like a mistress that Bayo had abandoned me for. I honestly started detesting the church.

I felt terrible about how I felt because it didn’t make sense even to me.

Walking into church on Sundays required more inner strength than I was willing to admit. The expectations were overwhelming; I suddenly was expected to be a bible scholar, pray like a prayer warrior and have an edifying answer to the numerous questions that people posed to me.

Each time I took the announcements, I looked into the congregation hoping to find a friend, they all looked at me with reverence and when I tried to have a ‘normal ‘conversation after church, it was all too fake. All I heard were clichés; “God Bless You Ma”, “Glory !!! ”, “God is faithful Ma” …

I just wanted to have a normal conversation like everyone else!!! I wanted to discuss politics, fashion, children or even the weather!!!

As for Bayo, when I asked him normal questions that required simple answers, he graciously answered me like a Pastor.

I longed for more … more fun time with my husband. I told him anytime I had the chance to but promises were all I got.

One Sunday afternoon after church, I got a text message that changed everything.  It read:

… to be Continued




*…Blog picture [Stray woman] gotten from http://www.thecounselofprophecy.com/?p=528 through google search.

9 thoughts on “Diary of a Pastor’s wife [II]

  1. Just when it was getting interesting that “To be continued” decided to change everything like the text she got >>lol NICE!!


  2. AL, this is cruel and unusual punishment……
    Why keep us in suspense????? There is God o!!! lol.
    This is so good. Happy that Bayo has stopped smoking and drinking and clubbing but hmmm……
    If this was a nigerian film, the music will have changed by now. lol.
    I can forsee something not so good oh! in the nearest future!!!! Bayo o!!!! lol


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