MSITUA; Blessing or ???

msitua girl.jpg

After the doctor made the diagnosis, my world stopped.
Charles held my shoulders, “Grace, this will turn out well …”
I could barely hear anything he said.

She seemed ok. What was the doctor talking about? It couldn’t be.
This should have been detected at birth or at least when she was much younger.

‘Nne’ said she was just slow and that some children were like that …
The days that followed felt like a dream and the subsequent days brought pain to my heart. I read every article I could find online.

There is NO cure …

I woke Charles up and I told him what I had in mind.
He screamed!!!
“ Grace you have gone Mad!!!”
“ I love you and would do anything for you but not this!!!”

I wept through the night as Charles kept encouraging me “ Grace, Everything happens for a reason …”

I got angry at Charles and as for God, Hmmm… it was over between us.
I stayed away from everyone and refused to respond to  my calls,,,

Why Me?

Since Charles had refused to my proposal,
he would have to take care of Ada himself and I made it clear to him.

I watched him run from pillar to post. He joined different support groups and took her to her new school every day. He tried to get me involved but I was too bitter to care about whatever group he had joined. I couldn’t understand how Charles always had a smile on his face. He played with Ada all the time and her unending repetitions made for fun times together.

After a few months, I came to terms with my situation and Charles kept being patient with me. I remembered times when he would wake up and pray for me without knowing that I was very much awake. I had watched Charles go to church with Ada for 24 weeks and  I finally decided to join them.

Everyone was excited to have me back. I looked for anything to show that they were making a mockery of me but I didn’t find any. I got encouragement from everyone and they treated Ada nicely too.

Soon enough, I took up my responsibilities as a mother and Charles joked about how relieved he felt. He deserved the relief and even more and true to it, more came …

The proprietress of Ada’s school invited Charles and I for a meeting .
We had no idea what the meeting was about, I was a bit concerned.
More worried than concerned…

We arrived at her office and there were four Caucasians smiling at Charles and I.
They were from an International Organization and they wanted Ada to be the face of their organization. I had so many questions and I was given a proposed contract to peruse.

It was a five (5) years contract which required that Ada’s picture could be used by them for Adverts that had to do with Autism.
Within this period, her education would be taken care of but she would be required to do two (2) international travels with both parents (all expense paid),
She would be given a branded car and we were to receive a Ten (10) million Naira lump sum payment and a hundred thousand Naira monthly for the duration of the contract.

Charles and I sat on the floor with tears rolling down our eyes.
Ada sat by us clapping loudly as she would always do.

I suddenly had shivers at the evil I had proposed …
How could I have proposed to take the life of my miracle?
Guilt overwhelmed me as I cried uncontrollably.

As usual, Charles had God’s word in his mouth to soothe the guilt that overwhelmed me.

I now know that every human being has a purpose to accomplish. Even when it doesn’t look like they do.

” Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him” NLT






*…Blog picture [msitua girl] gotten from through google search.


8 thoughts on “MSITUA; Blessing or ???

  1. For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome. MSG


  2. Children are indeed a blessing from God.
    God will always give us what will be good for us.
    His plans are always perfect.


    1. He knows our end from our beginning and though we might not know it.
      The challenges that come to us as children of God are always a blessing in disguise.
      Thank you for your contribution Charity.


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