Toys or Memories

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As Parents, the smile on our children’s faces give us utmost satisfaction.
We tend to do almost anything to keep our little ones smiling.

Each time they see a toy on television, in a departmental store or at a friend’s house,
they want it! And we do our best to provide it.

Toys are an awesome gift for kids but the greatest gifts cannot be wrapped in a gift box. The greatest gifts are gifts that add value to the life of a child.
These sort of gifts last a life time and create priceless memories.

To my mind, to love is to give and we give the most priceless gifts to the ones we love the most.

We give them gifts that are intrinsically fulfilling like our:

1.     TIME.

The pace at which the world is revolving is amazingly fast. Everybody is busy trying to do something “ ingenious” … However, all the monies made could be worthless if our children become a nuisance to us or society.

Hence, spending quality time with our children is a very valuable gift. We should be PRESENT in their lives; know and take part in their favorite activities, personally teach them the skills that we possess like baking, swimming, drawing, painting, sewing or even farming.

Simple things like eating from the same plate create awesome memories and I personally would want to try playing in the rain with my kids (they will be ecstatic!!!)


This is a great way to discover a child’s interest or gift. These lessons are usually expensive but they are definitely worth it as they can open up countless opportunities and help the kids pick up skills and passion. You may want to consider the following lessons:-

Language, Music, swimming, Tae Kwon do, Dance, Sports, Pottery, Acting …

These activities keep kids busy. Their minds get busy with positive activities.
Did I mention that they can make a living by acquiring these skills?
Yes they can!!!

 Richard William a father of five daughters invested in books and instructional videotapes on tennis. Behold, two (Serena Williams and venus Williams) out of the five girls have excelled in  this highly competitive sport and are making millions in dollars.

3.     TRAVEL

  like St. Augustine stated,
“ The world is book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

 Travelling is discovering … children tend to learn social skills from travelling.
They realize early in life that people and cultures are different.
Hence, they become tolerant as adults.

 When parents hear “ travel” they think of other continents;
Europe, America, Asia, Africa or Australia. This shouldn’t be.
Every country has beautiful places that will create beautiful memories.
( I discovered this fact when I first visited Togo … hahahaha)

 4.    BOOKS

 “ The more they read, the more things they will know and the more they learn, the more places they’ll go” – unknown

 The quote says it all.

I’m sure there are a lot more non toy gifts and ideas.
Please suggest same and lets all learn to give gifts that matters the most.





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6 thoughts on “Toys or Memories

  1. I agree with you. It’s not about the expensive gifts such as tablets, phones and iPads!
    It’s not about teaching them to explore the world through Internet only but teaching them Godly spiritual values, good cultural values and being there to answer all the questions society will pose to them. That’s why the bible says “train up a child in the way he should go and when he’s old he will not depart from it!”


  2. Yeah……. I totally agreee with you AL and Tbels66..
    kids should be taught Godly values especially as they are in their early/elementary stages.
    They should also learn to operate the computer, ipad and stuff like that, cos they are growing up in a digital era.
    However, the ipad and stuff should have things at their levels especially games and quizes that will make their brains work not just films and cartoons. They should also have books to read. Parents have to really get involved in their children’s lives especially in these end times.
    The world sells more of sex and witchcraft and parents have to know what their kids read and watch so they can help them weed out the wrong films and cartoon. If you observe, almost all cartoons or films have an element of witchcraft in them now and there is a supposed difference between ‘good magic’ and ‘bad magic’. Rubbish!!! Magic is magic. There is no difference.
    The kind of computer games kids play now is quite upsetting also.
    A lot of unnecessary shooting, decapitation, amputation and a whole lot of bloody stuff… … its well.
    Parents also need to learn to say NO! to their kids. A child mustn’t get all he asks for (this is not to say that the child shouldnt get what he wants but not every single time). Most parents give their kids all they want just so they won’t have a temper tantrum.
    The kid should cry it out! As my mum says, ‘No matter how much a child cries, the child won’t cry out blood’.
    Most of these crop of kids who have never heard no in their lives grow up feeling society owes them something and when they don’t get the assumed stuff society owes them, they get guns and try to get it by force. (Ok, I admit, that it is a little bit of exaggeration.
    Not all are like that but some…. lol)
    This is a topic that keeps me going on and on…. I better stop here. lol
    Final note: Parents must be present in their kids life and not expect their teachers or relatives or nannies to teach the kids christian values


  3. Hi Aijay!! This comment is an article on its own…hahahahahaha
    You mentioned very important issues that every parent needs to consider.

    1) Restrictions – Parents need to know what the children are viewing on their phones and Ipads. There must be viewing restrictions to prevent children from stumbling on inappropriate content. Parents need to understand that not every cartoon is appropriate for children.

    2) Saying NO – Children need to get comfortable with hearing NO! giving children all they want will work out just fine in your home but what happens to that child when he/she goes out to a world where people just love to say no? A world where people are so spiteful and unkind. Crying never hurt a child…

    The gun issue though exaggerated is right…When an individual feels entitled, he will do anything to get what he wants.

    Parents must be PRESENT in the lives of their children. The maid can only impact on your child what she knows…If parents think for a minute what their maids know and what her values are, maybe they will take back their responsibilities.

    Thanks Aijay!! Your contributions are always so valuable.


  4. For me, when a child is given a toy to play with;
    It should be to know his/her interest or gifts by observing the toy which he/she love playing with.
    It can also show what spirit he/she is made up of.

    For example the bible show us some
    “Then Moses said to the Lord,” O Jehovah, the God of the spirit of all mankind,(before i’m taken away) please appoint a new leader for the people, a man who will lead them into battle and care for them, so that the people of the Lord will not be as sheep without a shepherd ” The Lord replied,” Go and get Joshua (son of Nun), who has the spirit in him… (Number 27:15-18TLB)..
    I think this means Joshua was created to be a Leader. He was made to be a Leader.

    Likewise, David when he was a child the things he loved playing with showed what he will become.
    When David was a teenager the Bible talked about him saying ‘ One of them (servant of king saul) said he knew a young fellow in Bethlehem, the son of a man name Jesse, who was not only a talented harp player, but was handsome, brave, and strong, and good, solid judgment. “what more” he added, “the Lord is with him.” (1 Samuel 16:18TLB).
    This shows that when David was small he loved playing with sheep, the harp and has good judgment too,
    It shows that he was born to be a king.
    I think Toys can also help the child to develop mentally (build up his/her mind) to be the best in that gift.

    Nevertheless, I’ll advise parents to spend more time with their children also; take video and picture memories at each stage of their life.
    It’s very important. Your child will only be a child once in a life time.
    Enjoy that moment with them for it will never come again.


  5. Moments are so important!! once they are gone, they can”t be recovered…As parents, we must set our priorities right and sow the right seeds in the life of our kids…

    Thanks for your
    contribution Lanre.


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