NO Love, NO Money


My life has taken off on a fantastic note … I am Mrs Acheampong!!!

The wedding was a low-key one because Nana isn’t one to do anything elaborate …
He is very rich but yet so modest.

My friends and family helped me move into his Labadi mansion while I familiarized myself with each room. Did I mention that Nana gave me the keys to his brand new Toyota Camry 2014 Hybrid? Yes, he did!!!

Nana’s business in the US needed his attention and so he left on the Monday after the wedding. I started work at his company on that same Monday.
… (honeymoon things will be done later in the year *wink)

I walked into the company expecting to be accorded “madam” privileges but everybody seemed indifferent that I arrived . No one stopped chatting and no one ran off to their desk … Eissshh!!! These people don’t understand the consequence of disrespecting me.

I was taken to my office by HR Manager and I got furious !!!
It was a little cubicle with a table and a normal chair not even an executive one.

“Nana would surely let some people go for this utter disrespect of his wife “.
“I will just hold on till I speak with him … ”

My main responsibility was managing the factory workers and production doubled after six months. Nana was so proud of me. However, he dodged my issues with the other staff and just didn’t act as I thought he would.

That wasn’t even the main problem. The main problem was that I didn’t have access to company funds. Not even one pesewa! All I got was my salary.

The GHs 5,000 koraa, wasn’t enough. I used it to pay bills; electricity, water utilities, domestic staff salaries. At the end of the month, I had nothing left to chill with.

Mrs Ahceampong is hot paa.. I am not feeling the money at all!

Nana promised me a US trip and in june, he fulfilled his promise
My friends and I went wild! I packed the best clothes I had and off I went to Dallas.

Nana’s Dallas Mansion pleased my eyes and I didn’t wait to get in before I started taking selfies to post on Facebook. Nana opened the door and had a good laugh. He took my luggage to our room and we had a long chat.

He informed me that his elder brother, wife and three children also came into Dallas for their holidays. He asked me to promise that I’ll tolerate any offence against me. I wasn’t to confront her Susan – ( his Nigerian Sister-in-law) on any issues.

Hmmm… that wont’ be hard, after all, I’m only here for a month.

My vacation turned out to be a “staycation”.
It was fun but I still needed to explore the town all by myself or maybe with Nana.

Somehow, Nana always requested that I do one thing or the other especially for the kids … I was always with the kids and although I love children, that’s not why I came to Dallas.

Another thing that bothered me was the authority in Susan’s voice.
If Nana didn’t have a competent house keeper, I am almost sure I would have filled in that position. I’m far younger than she is, but it is my house for crying out loud!!!

I spoke to Nana about it and he begged me to keep tolerating her excesses.
He took me to “the french room” in down town dallas for a very romantic dinner date and I felt much better.

Days later, it dawned on me that I had just a week before the end of my vacation ,
I didn’t even have nice pictures to share on instagam, pin on pintrest, tweet about or show to my friends and siblings. The mansion pictures were all I have posted on Facebook so far.
I decided to just go out and discover the town for myself.

Susan was having a coffee in the kitchen and I informed her that I was off to explore and without mincing words, she asked me who I thought would take care of the kids for me.

For me ??? !!!

Chale!! I just forgot all my promises to Nana and gave her a piece of my mind.
As I talked, she started laughing hysterically and before I could finish,
she shut me up with her usual authority and told me the story of my life;

Nana was fully dependent on her husband and then they took me in good faith.
She said unlike my husband, I was ungrateful and proud.
She talked about how I came to the US to take care of the kids but yet I am so focused on looking good and taking selfies.

“Asem oo!!” Azaa!!!

I quietly went to my room …

Nana walked into the room and on seeing me, he knew that I had found out.
He knelt down and begged..

But what did it matter??

I have already lost out both ways…

No Love!!! No Money!!!





*…Blog picture [truth] gotten from through google search


12 thoughts on “NO Love, NO Money

    1. Lol, all that glitters is not gold.No one has such wealth and is modest at enjoying it,after it has already been provided…….first point where she should have been curious


      1. Midick in the house!!!!! Welcome to Just Writing Aloud

        All that glitters is definitely not gold. sometimes we tend not to see the obvious. Her situation isn’t hopeless. At least she has a job…lol


  1. Wow !!! This reminds me of what the Bible said about this:
    “The desire of a man is his his kindness: a poor man is better than a liar. (proverb 19:22).
    ” Bread of deceit is sweet to a man; but afterwards his mouth shall be filled with gravel (proverb 20:17).
    “When dinning with a rich man, be on your guard and don’t stuff yourself, though it all tastes so good;
    for he is trying to bribe you, and no good is going to come of his invitation (proverb 23:1-3 TLB).
    ” When thou sittest to eat with a ruler, consider diligently what is before thee: and put a knife to thy throat,
    if thou be a man given to appreacite. Be not desirous of his dainties:for they are deceitful meat (proverb 23:1-3 KJV).

    But did she not ask questions in her place of work?
    Questions about the company and its owner.
    Indeed, she was carried away with her lust for wealth. So sad.


    1. She drew her conclusions about the extent of his wealth from the car he drove and the house he lived in…I guess.

      Sometimes, we can get so carried away with what we see and fail to ask questions that matter. Please ladies, don’t make assumptions, ASK!


  2. HAHHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA. Well, as AL said, at least she has a job.
    but ” nana sef….” “he no try sha “. lol


  3. That Chale!! part got me mehmmmmmmm hhahahahahahahaha but nana tho! ma’am got humbled but from the company arrangement she should have gotten the memo.


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