Length and Breadth


Tape size..jpg

I read the most outrageous thing online and this triggered my topic for today.

The Size of a Man’s Ego.
The Size of a man’s Penis.


That’s what I’m talking about today. Shyly though …

I read about a tribe in Brazil called the “Topinama” tribe.
The “Topinamas” would find a poisonous snake and manipulate it so that it would bite them directly on the penis (Oouuchhh!!!)
The bite would cause excruciating pain that would last for about six months.
These people believed that the venom would significantly increase the size of the penis.
So, it was worth it!!!

The “Sadhus” would attach weights to their penis to elongate them while the “Shangaan” tribe in southern Mozambique planted a tree at the birth of a male child. Once the child could take in solids, the back of the tree would be mixed with his dinner. The boy and the tree are regarded as one. As the tree grows, so also does the boy’s penis and once the appropriate growth is achieved, the tree is chopped down.

I never really knew that the size of a man’s penis mattered soooooo much to him that certain tribes would endure SIX MONTHS of excruciating pain…

To my mind, the penis is used for two things; Urinating and Sex.
The size of the penis won’t affect urination (I guess)
… therefore, we are down to sex.

Why do men worry so much about the size of their penis?

Research shows that the size of a man’s penis affects his self-esteem.
But like every other self-esteem issues, this is more psychological.
Everything in life revolves around our mind and how we see things.

Our perceptions are formed based on what we hear or see.
This is why the bible admonishes us to ” guard our heart with ALL diligence, for out of it are the issue of life – proverbs 4: 23.”

Size; Big or small is relative.
How does a man know that he is small or big down there???

The media!!

What is considered as big or small is measured by the standards that are set by Hollywood movies, sitcoms, pornographic movies and even magazines.

That’s why the bible instructs us to guard our hearts and stay away from sexual immorality. That way, we will have nothing to compare with what we have.
What we see in the media are exaggerated and unrealistic pictures that only help in destroying a person’s self-esteem.

I believe that when God gives us a partner He is “smart” enough to make sure that both parties fit perfectly even in the bedroom. What He (God) requires from both parties is good communication. (Amos 3:3) in order to achieve optimum satisfaction.

I have come to this conclusion after consulting with a number of women that size doesn’t translate to optimum satisfaction as ” lousy lovers come in all sizes ”

When needs are properly communicated and a spouse feels loved,
Techniques will definitely win over size.
That’s my verdit, what’s yours..




*…Blog picture [children memories] gotten from http://www.mensjournal.com/health-fitness/health/once-and-for-all-defining-the-average-penis-size-20150304 through google search



4 thoughts on “Length and Breadth

  1. hahhhaahahaahahaahaahhahahahahaahaa.
    People are crazy. Be in pain for 6 months?
    Do not think anything is worth that sha!!!. lol.
    The media does give a lot of hype to the wrong and unnecessary things sha.
    lol. You do know the same thing goes for women.
    Which is why some go doing boob jobs and stuff.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pain can always be endured if the desired outcome can be gotten…

      Aijay have you thought of child birth? If people considered the pain involved in birthing
      a child, there would be no reproduction.

      Everything has a price…I guess


  2. hahahahahaha@ “…The mirror tells the whole story…”

    ekowmclean, if peradventure the media only showed small ‘egos’,
    and your “ego’ was more than what you saw out there, you would be
    content without realizing that small is all that is being portrayed…

    However, discontentment will only set in when the media decides to show
    you much bigger ‘egos’ as being ideal.

    As per Dangote, sometimes you would need to see Dangote’s assets and
    life style to know that you haven’t arrived 🙂 Hence the expression “Village Champion”

    Thanks for your contribution, it actually cracked me up 🙂


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