Chic on a Budget


Keeping up with the kardashians can be so hard especially when you have limited funds.

However, presenting ourselves to be attractive, up to date and professional isn’t optional.
As we tend to feel better about ourselves when we look HOT !!!

so, if you are in that season of limited funds, please consider my suggestions below:

Take care of your old clothes.

Not all clothing’s are meant to last forever. However, some clothes can actually last for many years. All you need to do is show your clothes some TLC:
Look at laundering instructions and follow them.
Remember to sort and wash clothes as per colours.
Iron your clothes with care.
Avoid using too much heat.
( Some clothes require that you iron the reverse side.)

STOP over wearing your favorite pieces!!!
N/B       Wisdom is profitable to direct.

Buy only items that you need and items that suit your style.

Sometimes we buy items just because they are “cheap” but in reality,
they don’t suit our style and we end up giving it away or
let it occupy space  in our wardrobes.
Plan to buy specific items from shops that give good discounts.
If you don’t know any shop, just ask …

This third tip I learnt recently and you can call me a cheap skate but it works!!!


Hint your loaded friends that you won’t mind handouts from them and
you might just become chic without spending a kobo.
N/B       Pride is the only hindrance to this cost-free method of being chic.

As for people who buy second-hand clothing, you have NO excuse.
The cloth user you know is safer than the cloth user you do not know… lol

And on a serious note, it goes with the new green movement;
reuse, reduce, (if it is too big), recycle.

If you know any tips on dressing chic on a budget, please share…




*…Blog picture [budget chic] gotten from budget fashion using  google search

10 thoughts on “Chic on a Budget

  1. You can also restyle your clothes using easy DIY tips.
    Example; sewing buttons on an old plain top or using razor blades and a pin to transform an old jeans into a distressed/ripped jeans.


  2. My goodness you are good. This may sound cliche but it’s honest . Great job and God bless you for your writing . This is no sugar-coating o . I’m serious


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