Success with Haters


haters head.jpg

The road to success isn’t always easy..

It comes with various obstacles and challenges. Some of these obstacles and challenges will come in human forms.
They are simply referred to as HATERS.

These are the people that will be present to criticize you along your journey.
They will bruise your ego with their words, actions or in-actions just to ensure that you fail. Their opinions are just a mask of envy,
jealousy or even respect.
So, decide to let their criticism remind you to RUN
because they wont stop chasing.

Don’t let their hurtful words or actions stop you because although they may be wiser than you, wealthier than you or more learned than you,
Ecclesiastes 9:11 clearly reminds us that it isn’t a guarantee to their winning life’s race. TIME and CHANCE are the determining factors.

Instead of coiling into your shell when they come at you,
remember that they are necessary to achieve your success.
They are a voice of reason.

Haters always keep things in perspective.
They never fail to remind you that you haven’t attained the goals that you bragged about. They are your push to go on …

Haters never care about your feelings and so they are BRUTALLY HONEST.
When your friends try to give you sugar-coated feedbacks just to encourage you, you can always find out the true state of things from your haters.
They keep you on your toes whereas the flattery of friends may have the negative effect of making you relax..

Haters are your greatest publicist. They go far and wide spreading stories about you. They raise people’s curiosity about you. Therefore, take advantage of the free publicity and be at your best as your success will be witnessed by a good number of people.

Understand that negative people will always exist and that their criticism can challenge you to succeed. It all depends on you!

If you are going to be successful, and stay successful, always remember that success comes with fame which in turn breeds scrutiny and judgement.

Success feels so good when you finally achieve what a majority said you wouldn’t. it is so exhilarating.






*…Blog picture [haters head] gotten from through google search

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