Diary of a Pastor’s wife [III]


I longed for more … more fun time with my husband. I told him anytime I had the chance to but promises were all I got.

One Sunday afternoon after church, I got a text message that changed everything.  It read:

Week three …

My dear Pastor,
I have watched you for a while and I see a very lonely woman.
Although you try to mask it with your beautiful smile.
It is obvious to me.
I am a good listening ear.
I can be a very good friend.
Dr Ade. 

I knew Dr. Ade but couldn’t figure out what gave him the guts to send such a text. I was so furious!!!

I decided to ignore him but he consistently sent inspirational text messages that made me feel lighter.

And every Sunday after church, I received a message telling me how beautiful I looked. He noticed my new hair do and didn’t fail to tell me which one looked better on me …
There was this humour I heard in the tone of his texts that always got me laughing under my breathe. I liked the attention and soon enough, I started dressing for the compliments …

Two months after and the compliments didn’t stop. I finally responded to the text…

We chatted back and forth for almost 3 hours and this became a daily routine for me. I always had someone to talk to. I told him things and expected him to judge me but he never did. Life became exciting again. I woke up everyday with a burst of energy and at night, he was like valium.

Technology made it easy for Ade and I to connect without raising any dust. We went from texting to WhatsApp and then to calls. We talked about everything!!!

I enjoyed every bit of the virtual time we spent together until I received a call one Friday evening.

The lady at the other end of the call was crying  hysterically. I could hardly make out what she said but I heard her mention Ade’s name.
Had something happened to my friend?

I quickly called Ade’s phone as my hand shook and he picked the call and was as cheerful as ever. I explained what had happened with the lady. Without hesitating he told me it was his wife.

His Wife???!!! OMG!!!

… to be Continued
… Final Week.



24 thoughts on “Diary of a Pastor’s wife [III]

  1. Wow !!!. Hmmm. This is super.
    Can’t wait to continue O. right all 3.
    Just when I was readjusting I saw to be continued…


  2. Interesting piece! Suspense is good but I think the write up is too short for readers to be kept waiting for continuation. I suggest a full piece at a go please.


    1. Thank you for reading Edem.
      I also appreciate your feedback on the length of the story…
      Any constructive criticism is very much appreciated.

      Please read subsequent diaries and give me your thoughts.

      Best Regards,


      1. Hmmmmm, great piece,
        Can’t wait for the final part,
        could Ade be ignoring his wife, at the expense of lighting up another woman’s life?
        The suspense is intense can’t wait


  3. I love it! It’s thought captivating.
    He’s quick to say he has a wife probably because he doesn’t expect her to be judgmental of that fact; after all, she’s also married.
    I love it! Can’t wait for the next part!
    Good job Aunt Anne!


    1. hahahahaha…Charity it takes two to tango. Dr, Ade had a female accomplice…
      She had the opportunity to choose. We all do…

      If only she sought godly counsel, she probably would have made better choices.

      Thanks for visiting Just Writing Aloud 🙂


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