Guilty Mum

One area of my life that I always get kudos for is how well I raise my kids.

“ your kids are so well behaved …”

I hear that all the time. However, I don’t have the fulfilment of a perfect mother.  God has been my cover up and that’s the absolute truth!!!

I try my best, I really do but sometimes,
the short-cuts are my only option and so far, I have gotten away with it.
I haven’t been privileged to have help from family when it comes to babysitting my kids and when I desperately NEED my ‘ME’ time,
my TV helps out.

YES, I’m guilty ….

Perfect mums do not use their  TVs as a substitute baby sitter but sometimes,
all I desire is a 30 mins nap ,
time to chat with my sister/friend or
just to write articles for this blog.

At other times, my husband and I just want to discuss sensitive issues
that will move the Laguda’s dynasty forward.
Sometimes, we want to talk about nothing really but just cuddle up for just a few minutes.

WISDOM has taught me to personally pick out what the kids watch.
I understand that children can form lifelong impressions from television programs. Hence I never let my kids watch just any channel.

In addition to that, I have invested in Christian kid’s DVDs;
Kids praise 1-5, Donut repair club, Colby’s Place, Theo, Cherub Wings, Rhapsody of Realities for Kids, Hermie and Friends, Awesome kids in the Bible and a lot more…

Watching TV is fun for the kids and I KNOW it is my responsibility to teach them Christian values but these DVDs have ‘assisted’ me in doing my job.
Through the songs and dramatization, the kids have learnt certain values and
thankfully, I haven’t heard a word about ‘good’ witches.
As for me I get my much needed ‘Me’ time.

I wish the TV confession is all that I’m guilty of but it isn’t.
I give my kids breakfast cereals rather than a healthy cooked food with fruits
when I’m extremely famished although I know that grains are comparatively more difficult to digest that fruits.
However, wisdom has thought me that this is a last resort and
shouldn’t be done in excess.

Finally, watching me from afar, you would see a cool, calm and collected mum. A mum who gives her children instructions and
they obey like adults do. Truth is, in the confines of my home,
I actually YELL and CHASE and SPANK just like the mum who gets the look at the supermarket for chasing her child from aisle to aisle.

Although we face the same challenges, I avoid any display of public drama.
I try to do my HOMEWORK at HOME.
However, where I NEED to punish a misbehavior outside the home,
I don’t do it in the sympathetic glare of people around.

I am not an expert in child psychology but I am of the opinion that punishing children in public may give rise to self-esteem issues…

Parenting right is hard and I can see all the fingers pointing at me already but before my verdict is passed, please suggest alternative short-cuts that could help me be a better mum….





*…Blog picture [guilty ] gotten from through google search.

4 thoughts on “Guilty Mum

  1. We say charity begins at home; That’s why it is right to do your homework at home.
    Those who didn’t do their homework, will do more work in public and work in public may come with shame.
    In school those who didn’t do their homework often fail and are put to shame.
    The public is not where we Learn but where we show character of our homework.
    Daisy Osborn said, “Work on being not on having for with what you are, you will have.”
    In the same light those who didn’t do homework will have to do public work.


  2. Hmmm . Doing home work.This is really true. Sometimes as mothers you become confuse as to what to do in some situations. God should guide us as to what to do so we will not be guilty.


  3. As a child, when I misbehaved outside, the look my mother would give me was a reminder of the ‘home work’ I was going to face. No matter how much or little you had, the discipline would always bring you down to earth. With all sorts of programs airing on TV now and having major influence on kids, we need to find out the ones with positive influence. As a child, I was rooting for Voltron because it destroyed robeasts… but now, it seems robeasts are the saviours of the day….


  4. Parenting is a lot harder Atonbee…like you said, robeasts are the saviors now.
    plus the rights that have been given to children.
    In Nigeria we still hold some rights to discipline but
    it seems as though we are giving up our rights and copying the Western World…

    Thanks for reading Atonbee.


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