Amina on Tour

Amina Ali

Abduction and the abuse that comes with it can be very traumatic.
I read about Amina Ali Nkeki’s rescue/ return and I am overwhelmed with mixed emotions; excited at her return and reunion with family but bewildered / perplexed by her tours…

To my mind, a victim of an abduction would be severely traumatized and so,
Amina’s return isn’t the end to the abduction saga but the beginning of a much needed recovery from the nightmare.

I am wondering why Amina has to visit Gov. Kashim Shettima’s home with her baby to be given “VIP” treatment.
Why does she have to travel to Abuja to see President Buhari?

Shouldn’t Amina be undergoing counseling and therapy from mental health professionals?
Is anyone really concerned about the state of this teenage mother’s mind?
Or is her return all political?

I would think that traveling and meeting with people would give Amina some anxiety.
I may be wrong !!!
However, I am sure that showcasing Amina like a medal or trophy isn’t in her best interest or the interest of her four months old baby.

Amina deserves to be given time to recover from the mental, physical and emotional stress that she has suffered for two long years. The fact that she is able to wear a smile on her face doesn’t mean that all is well.
She could be “ shutting off” her emotions and denying that the abduction was traumatic. After all, she has “a husband” and a baby.

Her visit at this point, should be to a clinical psychologist/ counsellor  who would help her adjust back to the real world with the help of her family. Her family should be counselled too in order to teach them how to purposefully accommodate her and make her return feel safe and comfortable.

At this point we don’t care who rescued Amina Ali Nkeki or is she Falmata Mbalala?




*…Blog picture [Amina Ali ] gotten from through  google search

4 thoughts on “Amina on Tour

  1. So on point Ann.
    Do I blame Nigeria or her parents?
    How can her parents be in on this?
    Where da heck are her parents?
    Anyway,make I go drink my panadol.Bye


    1. hahahahaha @ going to drink panadol.
      Considering the background of this child,
      what say do her parents really have.
      Are they aware of their rights??
      Someone ought to be available to protect their interest…i guess.

      But who?


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