Protect our Daughters


If as a lady you CANNOT go out of your home without make-up, then your sense of value is based solely on sex appeal and you have a narrow standard of attractiveness.

As parents, we should train our children to be comfortable in their skin. God has made everyone different but yet beautiful.

Media teaches girls that the most important thing is how they look. Their inability to live up to these unrealistic images affect their mental health. Please don’t let your daughters suffer for nothing.

STOP sexualizing your daughters!!


Any one ever heard of pedophiles? When you let your daughters wear skimpy clothes and adorn them with make-up, you are giving them an adult appeal…
They simply look like small sexy women. As for the twerking and gyration, that’s an outright call to sexual abuse…men are visual… DON’T make your baby a target.

It teaches them to thrive only on compliments and affection from others. As Parents, it is our responsibility to show them their true worth in Christ and having a beautiful heart – not in boys, clothes or beauty, which fade with time.

When girls start dressing like adults, listening to adult music, dancing like adults and making up like adults, it gives them a false sense of maturity and independence. It makes them think they’re older than they really are and that they are ready for things far beyond their age. It makes little girls grow up too fast…

We love our daughters and want them to look beautiful but I’m sure we wouldn’t want them to be abused…







*…Blog picture [pen ] gotten from  through  google search


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