Diary of a Trophy Wife …

shadow woman

I walked in and the decoration was mind blowing.
I hadn’t been in a church that paid so much attention to details.

The awards started and it was very gallant.
Men, women and children won different awards in in different categories.

This was new to me. My church wasn’t this classy.
I enjoyed every bit of it.

As Bola and I stood waiting for a cab, a Toyota Land Cruiser parked by us and Bola hopped in quicker than I could open my mouth. I sat quietly behind while Bola sat in front and chatted away.

I recognized the middle aged man from the awards night.
His name was mentioned in almost every category and as he went for his medals and trophies, I admired him. He was pleasant to my eyes… 🙂

He dropped us off at school and that was the beginning of the rest of my life.

Emma would visit me every day after work and we would just talk about everything.
We laughed a lot and enjoyed each other’s company.

Emma and I became very good friends.
This didn’t go down well with Bola and she didn’t even try to hide that fact.
Emma on the other hand made it obvious that he had eyes for only me.
I was so flattered as I watched him ignore ladies that threw themselves at him.

As our friendship blossomed, we became best of friends.
We visited each other and soon enough I assumed the role of a “wife”; cleaning, cooking , washing and going for events together.
In spite of all these, Emma respected the one thing I had told him meant a lot to me;
My Virginity.

Each time I stayed over at his house, I got tempted to let go of my resolve to keep myself until marriage. Anytime he held me hmmmm …. ,
I just wanted to go all the way but Emma just knew when to stop.

On one occasion, I actually begged him to do “it” He held me really close and
explained that my virginity was important to him too and that he loved me too much to choose sex over the respect that he had for me.

I had so much respect for this Man.

Our relationship was the envy of everyone that knew us and on the evening of my graduation, Emma surprised me with a proposal. He went down on his knees in presence of my friends and family. I didn’t even pretend to be thinking….

I had looked forward to the proposal for two whole years!!!

The day had finally come and I was the happiest lady in the world…

My friends and family looked forward to the day as Emma wanted a very Lavish wedding. We did a Dubai pre-wedding photoshoot and had a London shopping spree..

The day finally came and it was as beautiful as everyone thought it would be..
I was soo happy but Emma was happier..
I knew that the excitement wasn’t unrelated to my being ravished.
After all, he had waited for almost three years.

… but like a baby , he slept off.

… to be Continued




*…Blog picture [shadow woman ] gotten from http://www.cloudfirstinc.com/blog/why-your-company-should-be-afraid-of-shadow-it-and-5-ways-to-combat-it/   through  google search.

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