Finding Dory


“It is just a matter of time until more animated films include gay characters …”
Sarah Kate Ellis.

I watched the much talked about trailer for “Finding Dory” a “Finding Nemo” sequel and I honestly haven’t seen anything in the talked about scene to indicate that the women are a couple. Two women with a baby in a push chair doesn’t mean for sure that they are a couple.

However, I am not ignorant of the fact that this might be a casual way of introducing the LGBT community as being normal.It is important that as Christians we are sensitive to what we allow our children watch. These beliefs that are inconsistent with the word of God will be introduced subtly; NO horns or Marks of the beast yet. Let us always remember that not every animation is appropriate for children to view. Disney seems to be taking steps towards introducing our kids to LGBT community.

According to One Million Moms,
“ Disney should stick to entertaining instead of pushing an agenda…”

So what if Disney decides to “push an agenda” rather than entertain us?
Would we fold our arms and watch, boycott Disney movies or start a Christian movie industry? I think the third option…

I think it is time for us as Christians to produce visually appealing movies that are not watered down to suit the society that we live in. The fact that something is legal doesn’t make it right in God’s sight.

Our manual for living is the Bible and we shouldn’t let contrary beliefs be pushed down our throats and that of our kids just because there are no alternatives.



*…Blog picture [dory-new] gotten from  through  google search.

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