… At All Cost.


I watched the video of the Cincinnati gorilla incident and I was gripped in reflective horror.

As a mother, I put myself in her shoes and it was horrific. Hearing your child scream and yet being unable to help is a nightmare NO MOTHER wants to experience. And to see your child in custody of a monstrous gorilla must have been dreadful.

I cannot begin to imagine how scared that little boy must have been.

That said, I can understand why many people on social media are calling for the mother’s head. A lot of mothers (and fathers) are sooo careless with their kids. They believe somehow that it is everyone else’s responsibility to watch their kids. Out of laziness, some parents let their kids do whatever they like and they aren’t bothered about how it inconveniences others.

I’m actually talking from experience but the most striking one is my experience at a church conference. I watched with bewilderment as a toddler of about two years old kept running around, screaming and almost falling off an elevated surface. Myself and other mothers there kept ensuring that he didn’t hurt himself but unfortunately he did after about two hours of our hard work… surprisingly, a beautifully dressed lady that had been unperturbed with all our concerns about the toddler stood up and wiped the blood of his lip. That was his mother!!!

A lady amongst us was so furious as she lashed out at the well dressed “mother” who couldn’t understand what she had done wrong.

I was in shock!

I guess she felt like we owed her son that duty of care but she didn’t …

Such a mother should be held responsible for her negligence.

However, I’m also wondering why that enclosure at the zoo wasn’t safe enough to prevent the boy from straying into it. Considering that no mother is perfect, one minute of looking away may have any mother in the same shoes as the Cincinnati mother.

As for the silverback gorilla, I feel pretty sad that an endangered animal lost its life when it didn’t have to but I am thankful that the little boy was saved at ALL COST.




*…Blog picture [harambe] gotten from  https://tribunist.com/animals/endangered-silverback-gorilla-shot-and-killed-at-cincinnati-zoo-when-small-boy-climbs-into-enclosure/ through  google search.

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