Diary of a Trophy Wife [II]


… I was soo happy but Emma was happier…
I knew that the excitement wasn’t unrelated to being ravished.
After all, he had waited for almost three years.

…but like a baby, he slept off.

Honeymoon phase…

I love my husband and was eager to have him make love to me but I was also pleased to know that he genuinely loved me and the marriage had nothing to do with my body.

I woke up to breakfast in bed and a lot of pampering.
It was obvious that we were newly weds… Everyone smiled at us as Emma was always all over me but in the bedroom, we somehow never reached the main “event”. The prelude was fantastic but day after day all I got was the prelude.
Days turned to weeks and weeks to a month and my hymen was still intact.
I was confused and couldn’t tell anyone what was happening.

Anytime I tried to bring up the topic, Emma would either change the topic or say something demeaning. On one Sunday after church, I used all the techniques I had read online to get Emma to reach the main event but it all ended with him insinuating that I am a prostitute.

A prostitute?
I’m still a virgin for crying out loud!!!

This just didn’t make sense and I had to find out from Emma what was really going on.
I woke him up and the turn of event shocked me…
my soft spoken husband had fire in his eyes and tone as he warned me to accept what he had to offer.
He made it clear that if I ever made love to anyone else, he would check me and know . OMG!!! “ What’s happening”I screamed.

He picked his pillow and left the room. I cried till my eyes were sore.

“ Is he a Ritualist?”
“Does this have something to do with his health?”

I couldn’t put this puzzle together…

The next morning, Emma was so sorry. He sent text messages telling me how we have eternity to spend together… “Eternity? What has that got to do with my hymen?”

The days that followed had Emma showering me with the nicest gifts but no explanation as to why he hadn’t slept with his lawfully wedded wife.

As if my problems weren’t enough, his mum called.

… to be Continued




*…Blog picture [sad] gotten from  http://blog.hillsbiblechurch.org/2014/01/14/a-word-to-those-who-are-single-iii-challenges-of-being-single/ through  google search.

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