Why No? [III]

no sex1

Just like love, the third reason why women say No!!! is easier felt than expressed in words.

You just know that at the end of the ‘event’, nothing interesting has happened, it rather feels like you participated in a tedious activity. No bonding achieved…

It is trite that the mind plays a vital role in how the body performs. So, if an individual is stressed, unhappy, angry, disappointed or dejected, The likelihood of a distinction in the bedroom department is almost impossible.

For couples to thrive in this department, there must be a bond between them. Such bond must be present in and out of the bedroom.

The home should be one where playfulness is fostered and vulnerability is common. As women, we definitely get turned on when our husbands dare to tell us things that are so personal to them that they won’t share with anyone else… it makes us feel special and the desire to get physical (not necessarily in a sexual way) comes naturally.

At the point where physical contact is made, It is a turn-off for a husband to want to get down to business all so quickly. Slow and steady is very much appreciated. This allows the body to meet up with how the heart feels at that time. It is simply called arousal. This is when the body produces its natural lubricant.

However, the presence of lubricant doesn’t mean that the whistle has been blown for the main ‘event., Foreplay is very important for us (I hope my mum never reads this … lol)

Did I mention that it is easy to detect when a man is just fulfilling all righteousness in order to arrive at the main event? Yes, we know!!!

We also understand that a ‘quickie’ has its place in a healthy marriage but it shouldn’t be the norm.

So, there you have the third reason for NO!

I would love to hear from other wives. I am hoping that I spoke your mind. * wink.




*…Blog picture [sad] gotten from http://www.odogwublog.com/2015/07/11-intimate-pointers-for-couples-having.html through  google search.

6 thoughts on “Why No? [III]

    1. Somethings are just so embarrassing to write about…lol
      You cannot imagine the courage with which i write about sex…growing up, it was a taboo.

      I was writing and for one second I felt like i was crossing the line. I thought of my mum and
      i just wanted to be less explicit and go all “spiritual” but sex is what it is and must be talked about as sincerely as possible without crossing the line of decency.

      I’m glad you had a good laugh 🙂

      Thanks for reading.

      Liked by 1 person

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