The Vacuum.

praying woman

I would choose you over and over again Mike said as he held me close. I felt same.
I found myself the ideal man; Committed to family and God-fearing.
What else could I ask for?
I adore my husband and I have watched God bless him from one level to a higher one.

God blesses Mike again and we are off to South Africa. Being a wife and mother is just awesome and I couldn’t complain. Mike talked all day about fitting into a new church.
He talked about missing members of the first timers department.

I totally understood as he put in so much into soul winning. For me, family was all I thought of. I couldn’t imagine being away from mum. The kids on the other hand talked about missing grandpa and aunty K. As the days drew closer, I started conditioning my mind and that of the kids. I told them about the zoos in SA and the parks too. The kids started anticipating the move as we packed what we could and gave out the rest.

I organized lunch for workers of the first timers department and children’s department. To my dismay, only few people showed up. I was disappointed especially at members of Mike’s department. I had a lot of left over food and I washed up just a few plates. Pastor Lanre called and asked Mike and I to stop over at his place before mid night. Mike immediately asked that we go in order to avoid getting to Pastor Lanre’s house too late. We got there at about 10pm and Pastor spoke to us about making an impact in our new church in SA. It was so emotional for me and after we hugged him and said good-bye, he gave us an envelope. We knelt and thanked him and as we opened the door to leave, almost everyone from church was standing outside. Mike and I cried like babies. We were ushered to the back yard of pastor’s house and the party began..

We got gifts but that was the least of it all. we got testimonies of how our lives had impacted different people. There was a lot of sobbing. Mikky and I got home at almost mid-night and we talked almost through the night…

We spent Sunday morning doing our final packing but Mike went to church. He got home right on time and we left for the airport. Our flight was a delight and the kids loved it. We got to our apartment at exactly 2:35am with the kids fast asleep. We held hands and prayed as we possessed the house that we would be living in for the next four years of our lives.


to be continued shortly …




*…Blog picture [praying woman] gotten from through google search

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