The Vacuum [II]

praying woman

…  We spent Sunday morning doing our final packing but Mike went to church. He got home right on time and we left for the airport. Our flight was a delight and the kids loved it. We got to our apartment at exactly 2:35am with the kids fast asleep. We held hands and prayed as we possessed the house that we would be living in for the next four years of our lives.

… continued

Pastor Lanre had given us the resident pastor’s number and we called him on Tuesday evening in order to get directions to church for mid-week service on Wednesday. We totally felt at home; the same message, songs and protocols. All the anxiety was gone.

Pastor Nzuma and Pastor Winnie welcomed us so warmly. It didn’t take long before I joined the children’s department and Mike the first timers department. Mike is a master soul winner and it didn’t take long for him to shine. I was proud of him as usual but little by little we started drifting apart. He was always in church…I tried to put in more time with my department as well but it didn’t make us closer. I couldn’t put my finger on what the problem was. I woke Mike up to talk and after minutes of talking, I couldn’t hold on to any issues apart from the fact that he was always in church. I felt ashamed as he explained how he had to do more considering our new environment. “SA has the highest crime rate in the world and if we win these souls for Christ, we could impact our environment as we were told by Pastor Lanre”. I held him close and apologized for being so insecure. I should be putting in my quota too. I felt terrible.

Mike being the husband that he is, stayed home more and verbally reassured me from time to time. Apart from non verbal racism, work was awesome for him. God had our back for sure.

The kids were enjoying school, Mike was enjoying work and church but I didn’t feel happy. I felt alone. Maybe I missed mum. I felt guilty that I expected Mike to be home more. I prayed about the way I felt but the feeling stayed. Mike and I saw each other for at most 2 hours in a day…and for most of the 2 hours, he was on phone. It wasn’t long before he was made a deacon. I was indifferent…

I was adding weight and I started wondering if Mike resented me. I asked him and he laughed hysterically. I started visiting the gym and wearing more make up. I missed my Mikky…On Friday, I decided to give Mike a special dinner. I made everything I know he loves to eat and wore something really sexy. Mike got home earlier than I expected and I knew God had my back. He saw my dressing and all the food on the table and he held me close and told me how much he loved me. I ran his bath and waited for him to come have dinner with me. We ate and chatted but he blew it! He had to be in church for Pastor Zeb’s birthday party at 8pm. I was sad. Why wasn’t I invited? I calmly asked Mike why I wasn’t invited and he said the party was for deacons and pastors. I was heart-broken. I was heart-broken at the fact that he saw nothing wrong with the situation. I thought marriage made us one…He dressed up and left for the party. I stayed home and wept. Mike got home at 2:30am.

… to be continued Shortly



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