After Life


I guess love makes us do the most unlikely things …

I packed my bags and off I went to the park. I sat in the bus for ten long hours and finally I arrived. Bruce took me to our home and that one room remained our home for two years before we welcomed our sunshine, George.

The hustle became even more real as we had to provide for our bundle of joy. I joined Bruce in the hustle as we met people around the world and promised them things we knew we had no plans of fulfilling. The trips to the western union office became more frequent and we could afford to move into a two-bedroom apartment. Bruce suddenly got wild. He just tasted wealth for the first time and this really intoxicated him.

From time to time, I spoke to Bruce about marrying me but he said I was putting unnecessary pressure on him. I tried not to push so as not to look desperate. In addition to George, I had Stella and Brian. Was I really going to pitch my tent somewhere else? Of course not!

As for Bruce, he started hanging out with people that I wasn’t comfortable with. I wasn’t a saint but there were things that I wouldn’t indulge in. Bruce was drifting away…

In spite of the distance between us, he did the most romantic things. He made it a point of duty to give me a food treat every single day. Usually in the mornings. This was new but I liked it.

The peace in my home started reflecting in the way I looked. I got compliments from everyone I met. I started looking far younger than my age. That wasn’t even the best part. Bruce proposed to me and wanted us to complete the marriage rites within two months of his proposal. Just when I thought it would never happen.

Bruce had made more money than I had ever imagined and the wedding was spectacular. My kids were happy. I returned home as Bruce’s legally married wife. The running around for the wedding was hectic and two weeks after, I hadn’t gotten over the fatigue that I felt.

Four weeks after, the fatigue was still weighing me down and I was losing weight. The weight loss became disturbing when I started looking sick and feeling sick. I went from one hospital to another but there was nothing.

The look on people’s faces when they saw me got me uncomfortable and I insisted on going to the UK to run every test available. Bruce refused but after several heated quarrels, he let me go. I got to the UK and ran every test available but there was nothing. After two weeks, I felt so much better and I returned home to him and the kids but it didn’t take long before I started feeling sick again. This time around, it came with excruciating pain and I was rushed to the hospital. At the hospital, I tried to stay awake but the sleep was heavy. I slept…

I heard Bruce scream and I watched his friends and younger brother take him home. I immediately thought of my children and there I was in their classrooms all at the same time. I watched them play at break time. Soon enough I remembered Bruce and how he screamed at the hospital. I wanted to comfort him.

I suddenly found myself in our home but something’s wasn’t right. Bruce and his friends seemed to be celebrating something as they cheered to “More money!!” …

At that point, everything made sense to me…




*…Blog picture [before-after-life] gotten from through google search

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