LONG BREAK!!! Any Plans Mums?



The long break is by the corner and its gonna be looong mums. I was actually trying to plan what I’ll do to ensure that my kids don’t get bored.

And these are some of my considerations: –

  1. Travel – “ I’m too poor to travel” is just a mindset. There is always somewhere you can travel to with the kids without breaking the bank. Consider a weekend trip to the village or a city next to yours. Kids just want to have something adventurous to do. They honestly don’t care about ‘ luxury’ per say.
    If you can afford to travel outside your country, then consider a country just next to yours. Most times, there are NO Visa requirements, All you need is an ID card, some cash and information on places that would be fun to visit.

    N/B Every country has fun places to visit.

    You might be shocked what a “ small” and “poor” country would have to offer. (My visit to Togo was an eye opener) “small” Togo has facilities that my big cosmopolitan city doesn’t have. Who would have thought so? The essence of travelling is to bond as a family. So, if travelling is going to pose a burden, then plan for next year. But if you can afford it, PLEASE take the kids to a beautiful country in this beautiful world. 🙂

  2. Summer Camps: – This is the time to make enquiries about available summer camps and decide if the camp suits your kids. I know AdultToddler has a day teens camp planned this summer in Port Harcourt, Nigeria– adulttoddler6@gmail.com .
    You may want to consider how your child’s school year went. would he or she need some academic fine tuning? If not, consider arming your kids with specific skills like swimming, drawing, tennis, baking or whatever they might desire to learn. Ask them and you might get your answer right there.
  3. Work: – Employ your kids this holiday and pay them for it. This can be fun. I started this with my 6 yr old daughter and this has taught her to tidy her room herself. the amount need not be huge because it’s the process of putting the money into the piggy bank that is exciting for them. I usually make the pay-day so much fun by having us role play as though we were in a formal setting … my daughter just loves pay day just like adults do 🙂 .

So if you decide on a vacation that’s a loud “ Yippeee!!!!!” from me to you. but if you are having a staycation, whether the kids are working for you or going off to a summer camp, you would still need to prepare for those days when the kids will be home all day. Here are a few tips.

  • Go online and download age appropriate musicals, movies, games, puzzles, colouring pages and work sheets.
  • Get phone numbers from other parents that won’t be travelling and let the kids hook up ( I am for supervised play dates)
  • Stock up on board games, arts and craft supplies and books.


I hope this will help in planning an awesome holiday for the ones we love the most xxx.




*…Blog picture [green] gotten from https://dribbble.com/shots/498043-Green-suitcase google search

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