Vacuum [IV]

praying woman

I got home to my very excited babies. It felt good to be missed so much. Pastor Winnie called and to my utmost shock, she encouraged me to accept God’s gift. Mike told her??!! I was amazed. Mike and I had our first roar that night. Six years and we had never raised our voices at each other. The kids cried hysterically as Sibusiso took them away from the heat. Mike said things to me that I have chosen not to recall. I cried for days. The days that followed were the worse as Mike came home only to sleep. I prayed for myself and for him too. I blamed myself for everything. I started taking long walks, speaking in tongues and praying. The heaviness I felt had to leave by all means.

… continued

I also started speaking with people about Jesus as I walked. This gave me the kind of peace that passes all understanding. On one of the days, I led 12 people to Christ and I called Mike to share. He was cold but I knew that it would make him happy. He came home earlier than usual and for the first time since the fight, he ate his dinner. I told him how my day went and he listened without saying a word. Mike had breakfast before leaving for work and as I went to clear his plates, I saw a note that read “proud of you”.

Mike and I gradually became buddies again. I spent most of my time speaking to people about Christ. I totally enjoyed it. Pastor Winnie called to invite me for her birthday party and I obliged. I stood alone at the party but this time, I didn’t feel alone. Mike was busy ensuring that everyone was fine. Pastor Zimiamah came to sit by me and we chatted away. We went from kids to marriage, family, purpose and then ministry. I learnt a lot from her. Mike came a couple of times to find out if I was fine…indeed I was fine and enjoying my chat.

We got home and I ran off to the bathroom. I sang as I took a bath and when I got out, Mike was sitting on the bed and staring at me. I smiled and dressed up. I hadn’t felt this happy in a long time. I suddenly realised that I had given Mike the keys to my joy and taking it and giving it to God felt good.

I meditated on John 16:24 day and night. Which said:

Until now you have not asked for anything in my name.
Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete.

Things became beautiful at home again and my tummy grew longer and wider but Pastor Winnie had stopped coming to church.

Rumour has it that she returned to her parents as a result of emotional abuse that she went through in her marriage. I felt so sorry for her…No wonder she always wanted Mike to pray with her, plan with her and attend programmes with her. Mike was so sorry as he too realised that she was only using him to fill a vacuum in her marriage. Mike and I consistently prayed for her and soon enough, she returned to church.

I hope things are better in her home.
As for us, we welcomed Mike (Jnr) on the 25th of December, 2015.
I learnt two very important things from this episode:

Firstly, that the joy that comes from God satisfies beyond human understanding and secondly, people can hurt you deeply without intending to.

The End.




*…Blog picture [praying woman] gotten from through google search

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