I remember vividly how my mum would always spend time praying and I’m wondering why praying has become an uphill task for me.
Even as a single girl, I would wake up at midnight and have a refreshing prayer time.
What changed?

As mums, It is so easy to blame it on being married and having to sort out our kids. Especially when we have to work 9am – 5pm.
However, I don’t hear anyone complaining about not having time to surf the internet.
We seem to have time to post a status, picture or comment on one.

Technology is an awesome tool but right now, it is a big distraction for a lot of us.
There is always the temptation to ‘quickly’ check our Facebook page and then we get caught up without realizing the ‘tick tocking’ of time.

As a mother, I am aware of the NEED to commune with my Maker. I understand that it is the fuel for my engine. Without which, I’ll be unable to move. So why do I have the key to unlock a beautiful day and yet I’m not taking advantage of it?

As a godly woman how do I expect my kids to desire the Christ life if I cannot show them how?

Dealing with the challenges of life and our daily chores takes supernatural strength and it is only through having prayer as a lifestyle that we can prevail without being moody, bitter or depressed.

So, join me as I suggest practical ways to reignite our prayer lives.

  1. Embrace the mess: – As mums, we wake up and the first thing on our minds is to clean up the mess. However, we need to commune with our Heavenly Father to give us the strength to do it and do it right. By doing it right, I mean, doing our chores in love and patience. We don’t want to transfer aggression to our spouses and kids out of tiredness or frustration and so, it becomes essential that we start our day right.
  2. Wake up early and look for a secluded place to pray. To ignore a messy house is one thing but to ignore the kids is another. As mothers, we cannot ignore our kids. It is therefore important that we have our devotion when they are fast asleep. That way, we can freely say things to God and not have them ask for an explanation. Being in a secluded place will let us speak freely, sing and cry if we want.
  3. Download worship songs and listen while you do house chores. Personally, I seem to have run out of worship songs. I sing the same songs everyday …lol Hearing those old songs can just ignite something in you.
  4. Listen to messages that deal with issues that you are dealing with. Let the Holy Spirit also minister to you as you sit quietly for a few minutes in a day or while you drive to school to pick up the kids. Acknowledge the quiet time as a time to spend with the Holy Spirit and be sure to keep distractions away.
  5. Finally, get a friend that will encourage you not to stop.


I’m igniting my prayer life. Please join me and tell me how it’s going for you.



*…Blog picture [fire-lighting] gotten from through google search.


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