I Want It NOW!!!

angry child.jpg

Patience was once considered a virtue but apparently not in this generation.
A generation that ‘enjoys’ instant gratification with little or NO effort.

I remember when we had to go to a phone booth to make a call or to the library in order to get our research work done. Writing a letter involved using a hard copy dictionary to cross check words and then journeying to the post office to send the mail. (Yes, I’m that old!!!)

Well, so much has changed since that era.

Our little ones have been introduced to a life of “quickies”; instant messaging, cell phones, iPads, e-books, credit cards, microwaves, online shopping, etc. No wonder we have entitled little kids everywhere.

It hurts to see kids who don’t realize that access to gadgets are a privilege.
They don’t realize that a lot of personal and financial sacrifice has been made to give them these wonderful gadgets, extra-curricular activities, vacations, eat outs or even fees for that high-class private school.

To them, all that they have, they deserve. All they need to do is ask.

As parents, our desire to make our kids ‘comfortable’ seems to be fueling the attitude for instant gratification. Kids want things NOW! When they are unable to get it, they get frustrated. No wonder we have more kids with relatively “better” life but yet so many unhappy adults.

The real world doesn’t give us instant promotions, spouse or houses. These things have to be worked for. The result might come instantly but most times, we would have to wait.

We need to teach our kids the merits of being patient by setting boundaries and sticking to them. They need to get comfortable with not getting what they want as at when they want it. That’s self-control which stems from discipline.

Self-control doesn’t come naturally to us as human beings, it is learned. We need to make our kids understand that everything in life has a price and therefore, they must choose after they have thought of the price. They cannot make decisions on impulse.

Their desire shouldn’t supersede reason.

I’m not an expert in raising kids YET but I have observed and noticed how we have compromised character and values in order to have “happy”, bold, and witty kids.

We solve their every problem and satisfy their every need and want. They have become the center of all our attention. They have become our little celebrities with us as “paparazzi’s” bowing to their every request. Hence, they expect that same treatment from everyone else. Where they don’t get the Wows! And the Awws!!, they panic and assume that they have failed.

It hurts to see kids on their phones all day seeking validation from virtual “friends” because just like every other addiction, they cannot thrive without it. It is time to teach our kids that the world does not revolve around them by teaching them that most times, delayed gratification has its merits.



 *…Blog picture [angry child] gotten from http://patch.com/michigan/westbloomfield/mom-cancels-christmas-ungrateful-and-entitled-kids   through google search.

4 thoughts on “I Want It NOW!!!

  1. A piece with facts. The issue is growing fast and needs to be handled with caution. If not, you can imagine the kind of leaders we’ll have in the future.

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    1. Atonbee that’s so scary. Imagine having leaders with no self control…
      Leaders that are, Me! Me! Me!

      This is the time for us as parents to retrace our steps. We shouldn’t
      copy and paste Western culture as we see it on TV because most
      times, what we see are exaggerated.

      When kids get everything so easily, they aren’t willing to pay dues and
      they are less appreciative.


  2. Well said AL, I wish more parents can find the balance when bringing up their kids.
    It is rewarding and beautiful when your kids see and appreciate the sacrifice made for them to have it all.
    I believe the best gift you can give to a child after Education is DISCIPLINE and
    its up to the parent to instill discipline in their children and not leave it to Schools alone.

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  3. Olu I agree with you.

    We owe our kids discipline…however,
    I believe discipline is as important as formal education.

    Not disciplining our kids is like not formally educating them.
    Parents need to understand this fact.

    Before now, friends, neighbors and family were allowed to
    discipline our kids but not anymore. Parents won’t even tolerate it.

    So, the burden is on us as parents to do the work.


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