Diary of a Trophy Wife [V]


trophy V.jpg

We also didn’t drive to the hospital. We took a taxi.
That’s how embarrassed Emma was.
If that was what it took to have him see a specialist, it was very fine by me.

The elderly doctor was just perfect!!!
His grey hair made it easy for Emma to speak so frankly. I was excited!!!
Blood samples were taken for tests to be run and after a week, we revisited still dressed like undercover police men … hahahaha!!!

… Final Stage

Diagnosis : – Erectile Dysfunction secondary type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Dr Ibeh explained that Emma has a temporary impotence which was caused by a type 2 diabetes. He further explained that the diabetes had caused insufficient blood supply to his penis and his constant anxiety had aggravated his condition.

Emma had lived in denial for years and so, his condition had worsened with time.
He prescribed drugs and asked that we buy a vacuum pump cylinder.
This was some good news. The word temporary meant a lot to me.

There was NO way Emma and I would walk into a shop to buy a vacuum pump cylinder.
So, we just googled it and ended up ordering it from Amazon. It would take a few days to be delivered. We were anxious … We both ran to the door anytime we heard a knock.

It was finally delivered on Sunday morning.

Although we were dressed and ready to leave for church, we had to try this out.

Like toddlers, we unwrapped our parcel, read the instruction and proceeded to use it.
We fumbled and fumbled to no avail. This got us laughing like two adventurous teenagers. This was before we realized how late we were for church.

We quickly packed it up and sped off to church.

At church, everyone wanted to know if everything was ok. We always looked put together and we were never late but not his time. We giggled and told them that we were perfect.

Each time we thought of ‘our pump’ experience, we giggled and got that awkward glance from people around.

Personally, I didn’t hear a word of what was said in church and when church was over, I pulled Emma away like a spoilt brat. No meetings, No hellos,  No chit chats.

We got home and resumed our task. Pump! Pump!! Pump!!! and there it was … Emma was ready to end my thirst but he felt severe pain and removed the ring to release the blood…

We cuddled in celebration of the first milestone. The days that followed were the most exciting for us and I finally had my thirst quenched.
( it wasn’t the most beautiful experience)
On the contrary, it was painful but I was fulfilled and so was Emma.
Sex became his favorite activity and although I was bruised down there, saying NO wasn’t even an option as Emma was happier than I had ever known him to be.

My body couldn’t take it and soon enough I broke down and had to be admitted .

I couldn’t tell the doctor what had gotten me so stressed out. He asked several times but I just answered vaguely.

I finally got relieved when he explained that “it must be the pregnancy”

Pregnancy?!!! OMG!!! Emma screamed without restraint. He hugged, knelt, danced, sang, prayed … I just sat up and laughed as I was overwhelmed by the turn of events . Everything seemed like a dream.

I called mummy to tell her the good news and she didn’t stop thanking God for the herbs. … Lol!!!


… The End



*…Blog picture [trophy V] gotten from https://pixabay.com/en/woman-girl-freedom-happy-sun-591576/ through google search.

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