Little Things

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As time goes by, couples become more focused on the kids, career or life’s targets.
It is so easy for the feeling of overwhelming affection to just fizzle out.

Some couples tend to express how they feel only on the 14th of February and it’s the only time they give gifts to their spouse. If this is you, you have missed the plot. Lol …

Giving of gifts every now and then is one of the easiest ways to maintain that spark in the marriage. So, check out some thoughtful suggestions that are inexpensive.

“Little” Gifts

For Him.

A framed picture of a selfie you took together.

Airtime/ Phone units

A personalized mug

A face cap

A key holder,

A nice pen,

Favorite drink,

Favorite snack,

For Her.

A framed picture of a selfie you took together.

Airtime/ Phone units

A personalized mug

A lip sticks or lip gloss

A phone case

Hand lotion

Favorite drink

Air freshener for car.

“Little” gestures

  1. Consider writing a love letter either by text, mail or even a hand written one.
  2. Buy and download a collection of love songs that convey your thoughts and feelings towards your spouse  . You could also download his/ her favorite songs.

If you have NO idea, here are some of my favorites. You could pick from these.

When God made you – New son feat. Natalie Grant.

Everything – Micheal Buble

I do love you – Ryan Graham

You and me – Lighthouse

Just the way you are – Barry White

I found you – Bebe Winans

Mirror – Justin Timberlake

Falling – Alicia keys

The marriage prayer – John Waller

Never gonna be alone – Nickleback


Listen to these songs together and see how sparks fly all over the place 🙂

3)  Call a radio station to request a song for him/ her

Like my mum would always say,
“ little things are little things but faithfulness in a little thing is a great thing.” – Hudson Taylor.

Please try these “ little” things and spice up your marriage.
your testimonies would be appreciated. wink*




 *…Blog picture [love things] gotten from through google search.

4 thoughts on “Little Things

  1. Yes, I can testify to the songs…Barry White, very nice… Everytime I Close My Eyes by Babyface is also on point… Thanks


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