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I have heard people say that “making love” is merely a euphemism for sex.

Well, I tend to disagree.

To my mind, sex is just the act of thrusting until ejaculation is achieved.
It involves starting and finishing without attention being given to the process in between, It is simply mechanical and focused on pleasing one’s self.
Sex screams ‘Me!’

When a spouse is used as a tool to satisfy a sexual desire without anything more.
That is SEX.

On the other hand, love making involves far more than just a couple of thrusts.
It involves a couple who physically express themselves so much so that new experiences are created each time. They come together as one.
Love making transcends just “getting off”.
It involves more than the action, it involves intimacy.

In 1 Corinthians 13: 4-7, We see love as being patient, kind, honoring and not seeking self. … making love definitely embodies these traits. It screams “Us” rather than “Me”

Mathew 19: 5-6
“Jesus answered, … therefore a man shall leave his father and
his mother and hold fast to his wife, and
the two shall become one flesh? So then,
they are no longer two but one flesh”

Making love is spiritual, physical and emotional connection with a spouse. It is becoming one in your soul, body and mind.

Through the process, each spouse gets to learn every inch of his/her partners body. No one feels used. Love making is intercourse in which both parties are involved fully.

When a husband and a wife get physically and emotionally connected in such a way that they ‘know’ themselves that is LOVE MAKING.

This is just me writing my thoughts aloud.

Please share your thoughts with me. Is Sex the same as love making?



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8 thoughts on “SEX vs LOVE MAKING

  1. Thanks very much. I very much agree with you.
    Love making involves ‘US’ not self seeking.
    Sex is different. In the case of prostitute it is sex .
    Thanks .


  2. Nice write up.kudos! Me thinks sex is the technical word for intercourse while lovemaking is the poetic way of putting it.


  3. For me Lovemaking is the Communication and fellowship in flesh of two people( Communion of the flesh)- Active. While sex is Communication and no fellowship in flesh of one person( No Communion) – passive


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