Beats with Depth


These days, the kind of music that dominates our air waves focuses more on beats rather than meaningful lyrics. Don’t get me wrong, I love beats. Especially Nigerian beats but in addition to that, I would love to hear lyrics that edify and have real depth to it.

Every song seems to touch upon sex, violence, women and how to make and spend money.

I listened to J. Jessie’s –price Tag and the message it conveyed just had me listening to it over and over again.

“ Just stop for a minute and smile

Why is everybody so serious?!

… money can’t buy us happiness …”

These sort of songs make us rethink our priorities and thus makes us better individuals.
I would prefer to listen to only Christian songs which I totally enjoy but most of them do not give me the kind of dance beat I love. 🙂
So, personally, I listen to secular music as long as

… it is true, noble, right, pure.
Lovely, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy.

– Philippians 4: 8

For me, the content of the song is what determines if I’ll be listening or not.
If a song contains lyrics that are immoral or violent, then it definitely isn’t for me.

Listening to songs that do not edify can actually influence our thoughts negatively.
Most importantly, the Holy spirit is our best guide. He sees and knows those things that we cannot perceive with our human senses.
If only we will allow Him to direct us, we will be just fine.



*…Blog picture [beat ] gotten from  through google search.

4 thoughts on “Beats with Depth

  1. Yeah. Totally agree with you. Most of the songs nowadays have absolutely rubbish lyrics.
    I listen to more of Christian songs too but there are also some lovely songs with good lyrics that ain’t christian songs.
    E.g: lifehouse- everything or even Pharell’s – Happy.
    I also noticed that 99% of music videos have to do with nudity.
    What’s that all about? Lol


    1. lol @ what’s that all about?

      It’s all about the devil trying to sow
      images into our minds in order to
      corrupt us.

      Happy is cool. I particularly like the video…NO nudity and it had real people( fat, slim, tall, short, brown, peach…)

      I love Lifehouse- You and Me. That’s one of my favorite songs 🙂



  2. For me beats are used to till the heart or prepared the heart to receive the words of the song ; so that it can grow well.
    However, the devil uses; it (beats) for negative purpose; to destroy man’s heart and soul at the same time.
    To the wicked, it (beats/lyrics without meaning) makes meaning to them, like a person ministering to their heart.
    But to the just, it makes no meaning.


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