3 thoughts on “Mine or Ours

  1. Thank you my Sister for sharing with us.
    For me, marriage is an institution where the Husband is ‘the chairman’ of the institution and ‘the vice-chairman’ is the Wife.
    Every institution must have its purpose (objective) which we call vision and plan.
    (the way you carry out your vision or lay down rule and regulation on how to achieve your vision).
    In an institution we don’t say ‘I’ or ‘mine’ but the word used normally is ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’.
    Must people doesn’t know what marriage is and its purpose. And when a purpose of anything is not known, There is abuse.
    In an institution all things are done in details as purpose (whether finance or other issue).


  2. Also remember that it is ‘the vice chairman’ that runs the institution and not ‘the chairman’.
    So ‘the vice chairman’ is always the managing director of the institution.
    (I call them the multipy factor of an institution be it finance or any area of life)


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