Diary of an Oyibo Wife [I]


Daddy finally agreed to my proposal …

I was picked up by two ladies and a young man,
they drove me to my new home and asked a million questions.
Although I didn’t feel like chatting, I had to be courteous …
I had flown for 8 hours and 58 minutes. I was exhausted.

My host had a lovely home. … nothing like I had planned for.
Sunday morning and I’m ready for church but when I step out of my room, they all wanted to know where I was off to. I was a bit baffled. “… isn’t today Sunday?” I asked.
They all said “Yes” in a chorus … lol
I guess they figured it out and ran off to the bathroom.

We drove the streets of Lagos and I was in shock. I saw modern forms of architecture and infrastructure. Not one mud house !

Ok, my greatest shock was the arena that would be my church for the next six years. It was humongous!!! Why in the world did I think we would be worshipping in an open space with African drums. My church in Kansas didn’t even come close in architecture or infrastructure. The sermon didn’t disappoint either

I felt like everyone had their eyes on me or maybe not…

My first Sunday in Africa was a delight. I particularly loved the tomato rice (Jollof) and chicken.

Monday morning and I’m almost running to my faculty.
One word keeps coming up; “ Oyibo” (Maybe it means good morning).
Everybody seems to speak English so why is this different (African Language, I guess).
I decided to ask the dean’s secretary but everyone in her office laughed hysterically.
I’m unnerved but I laugh also. The more I laughed, the more they laughed.

The dean invited me in before they could comport themselves to translate the strange word.

I was welcomed to The Lagos State University College of Medicine.
The dean offered to help me settle in. All I had to do was ask.
I was elated and thanked him before asking him what “ Oyibo” meant.
He laughed too but amidst the laughter, he told me it meant “ White person”
I was a bit flustered but I managed to wear a smile.

I got into the lecture hall and everyone stared at me… (Oyibo on their minds, I guess)
I found a seat and had the most tiring lecture of my life …
Year One seemed like eternity.
I felt like giving up…
I missed home…




*…Blog picture [CollegeGrad] gotten from http://www.quickanddirtytips.com/education/grammar/matriculate through google search.

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