Puffs of awesomeness


My friends know that one of my favorite things, is a perfume.
I particularly love Channel’s Chance or Coco.

So, when I came across a friend’s Facebook status,
I could totally relate with her illustration.
I got the picture and it made sense to me.

With her permission, I decided to share her status post.
I hope that it speaks to you the way it did me.
Otonye Inwang wtote :-

Hey guys, I was looking at my bottle of perfume and got inspired by it,
so I decided to share.

You know, before we can get out the content of the bottle of perfume
(that really nice aroma), we have to apply some pressure on the bottle.
Now, if we do not apply pressure, we cannot experience the highly important purpose of the valuable bottle of perfume. The bottle becomes practically useless.
Needed yet unused. Hmmmmm …


Could it be that the pressures, the trials and challenges we face are essential to bring out our essence?

Are those painful moments just what we need as the channels to grace our world with the great blessings and gifts embedded in us?

Remember the bad experiences you loathed and couldn’t wait to get out of?
Could it be that they were merely orchestrated by God to release those puffs of awesomeness that lie dormant in you?



Otonye Inwang is a lover of God and books who is passionate about helping people. she also runs a drink/juice bar. Tallen’s Hut, where she expresses her passion for healthy lifestyle and customer service. Otonye is blessed with a great Husband and they both reside in Port Harcout.
*…Blog picture [perfume] gotten from http://www.chanel.com/en_US/fragrance-beauty/chance-136332  through google search.


2 thoughts on “Puffs of awesomeness

  1. Yes. Pressure of that is called exam of life. Problem gravitate toward it solution and the solution is the ability(power) that God(Deuteronomy 8:18) put in he/she by nature E.g David is cunning in playing, a mighty valiant man; a man of war, prudent in matters and a comely person(1 Samuel 16:18) which the pressure of life show that he(David) as it in him. Also by word(word of God you receive) E.g Matthew 13:21(… For when tribulation or persecution arised because of the word…). Thanks for sharing.


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