Diary of an Oyibo Wife [II]


I was welcomed to The Lagos State University College of Medicine.
The dean offered to help me settle in. All I had to do was ask.
I was elated and thanked him before asking him what “ Oyibo” meant.
He laughed too but amidst the laughter, he told me it meant “ White person”
I was a bit flustered but I managed to wear a smile.

I got into the lecture hall and everyone stared at me… (Oyibo on their minds, I guess)
I found a seat and had the most tiring lecture of my life …
Year One seemed like eternity.
I felt like giving up…
I missed home…

…Phase two

The only thing that got me going was friendship with Tayo and Seun. We had become such good friends. Everyone referred to us as the three musketeers…

To me, Tayo and Seun were my tutors. They made me realize how little I knew about Africa.  We assumed that intelligence resided with Europeans and Americans but we were so wrong. These men could grasp lessons faster than I could hear them …

The years ran by so quickly after the first year and I was finally ready for graduation. Everybody shouted, “Oyibo! Oyibo!!, Oyibo!!!” as I walked up to collect my certificate. My dad was so proud of me. I was proud of me too.  Dr. Dominic Watson…

That night, I stayed over at dad’s hotel room and we discussed how our impressions about Nigeria was so different from the reality on ground. I told dad about my many experiences… I told him about Tayo.

I had met the perfect man for me and I had decided to stay.

My dad couldn’t believe it. I watched him picked up his phone to call mum and those few minutes were the hardest in my journey with Tayo.

I heard my mum cry and beg me not to fall into the hands of a con-man who only interested in getting a green card. Her words broke my heart. She didn’t even know him! I hadn’t seen my mum in a while and the last thing I wanted was to make her sad. I agreed to go back home…

I arrived Kansas and everyone was waiting at the airport. I didn’t realize how much I had missed my friends and family. The days that followed were not as exciting as I had hoped they would be. I missed Tayo and I sent messages to let him know but I didn’t get any response … days turned to weeks and then months and still no response from my best friend.

I was miserable …

To complicate things further, I got a mail from Tayo telling me to move on with my life. He had found a Nigerian lady who he’d spend the rest of his life with. He stated that he didn’t want to deal with negative stereotypes. I was totally heart-broken. I called and sent messages but still no response…I decided to move on.

I started going out with friends and then I met Owen. He was a God fearing, tall, handsome pilot. My parents loved him and advised that we got married as soon as possible. I liked him a lot too but i didn’t love him.

He didn’t mimic my American accent like Tayo did. He didn’t tickle my palm when we held hands. I never received those witty text messages from Owen. My nights were longer because Owen didn’t keep me awake chatting about nothing…Owen wasn’t one to argue with me…I missed the arguments that made me so mad that I’d vouch not to indulge in another. I missed Tayo’s home made jollof rice and chicken. I missed Tayo soooooo much!!

I sent Tayo messages reminding him of what we shared. I begged him not to give up on ‘us’. I loved him and couldn’t live knowing that he was with someone else … NO reply…

On one of those nights when I cried myself to sleep, my mum walked into my room and asked me what I wanted.

“I want Tayo” I told her.



… to be continued. 


*…Blog picture [wb] gotten from https://whitewomenblackmendating24.wordpress.com/tag/white-women-black-men-dating/ through google search.


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