True Friends.


Thanks to Facebook, I have nine hundred and four ‘friends’

The definition of ‘friend’ seems to have changed over the years. However, I’m sticking to the old definition which states –

Friend – a person known WELL to another and regarded with liking, affection and loyalty. – Collins dictionary.

It is awesome to have hundreds of people celebrate my successes by liking and commenting on my posts. However, it is more awesome to have friends who would like and comment on my posts and in addition to that, would stick to me through thick and thin.

A friend who would know me WELL enough to see beyond my social smile and ask me how I’m really doing. Someone who I can tell everything just the way I feel it without any reservations. I wouldn’t want a total stranger telling me my story without knowing that I’m the main character.

Most times, all I want is a listening ear because I understand that sometimes it is impossible to solve another person’s problems (everyone has their own problems, you know!)

Having said that, I would appreciate a friend who is ready to make sacrifices without making a big deal out of it. I believe that true friends are always there for one another. Even when it isn’t convenient.

This post is dedicated to two of my most awesome friends. Seeing you guys again after a long time reminded me of all the reasons why I love you so much!

[Ebere and I]         
[Nita and I]

Thank you for calling me out so lovingly yet so honestly whenever I cross the line. I’m glad you don’t cheer at everything I do but tell me the hard truth even when it hurts.

Thank you for not demanding that I treat you specially. I feel so comfortable around you. No pressure at all because I know that you would ask if you needed something.

Thank you for confiding in me and for never being secretive. With you, I already know what’s happening before it hits your twitter handle or Facebook status/ post.

When I’m around your other friends, they treat me just the way you do… I know it’s because they know that you value me. They know I’m an important part of your life.

[Kemi ; Ebere’s friend and I]

Thank you for remembering to call me for NO reason. I’m grateful that we can go for weeks without talking with each other but when we do, there is no doubt about our relationship. No blame game about who should have called or kept in touch.

I’m human and I know that I am not perfect but I hope I have been the kind of friend that you have been to me and more.

I just wanted you guys to know that I appreciate your friendship and I love you loads !!!.



*…Blog picture [face 3] gotten from  through google search.

2 thoughts on “True Friends.

  1. Anne you have been awesome, a friend who sticks closer than a sister. Thank you for being a friend, same goes for Nita and Kemi, you girls are wonderful. May God bless you all and cause your lives to always manifest the love and favour of God


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