Naija Weddings

It is great to have people read my blog from all over the world. I honestly feel honored. Thank you..

I attended my Bff’s wedding on the 9th of July 2016 and I was reminded of how beautiful Nigerian weddings are ( I haven’t attended one in four years)

I love the Nigerian culture so much! I have decided to share with you.

When it comes to weddings, we do it BIG!

Most Nigerians including my humble self celebrate at least two weddings ( I had three). The christian/ church weddings, the Traditional wedding and the court wedding (Registry)

Why do we do it? Its something we have copied and pasted over time … I’m a lawyer and I understand that getting married in a registered church will suffice.

Anyways, back to my exposé

  1. Pre-wedding Photo Shoot:– You probably figured it out. A pre-wedding photo shoot is when the soon to be couple take romantic pictures prior to the wedding. It is normally taken after wedding dates have been fixed and can be used as a wedding invitation. Feed your eyes on some interesting pre-wedding pictures.

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    I am sure most people have No idea of the origin or essence of pre-wedding pictures ( I had no idea before this article ) well, I found out that pre-wedding photos were initiated by photographers in order to familiarize themselves with their clients before the big day. Some couples were camera shy or showed off too much teeth. The pre-wedding pictures helped the photographer and the client knows what to expect and how to ensure that the wedding pictures were flawless.

    Did I hear guest list? O NO! we operate an open door policy in Nigeria. Anyone and everyone can walk into a wedding ceremony. The exception to this general rule is a wedding ceremony of a celebrity or a politician.

  2. ASO-EBI :– This is a uniform dressing worn by a group of friends or family for an occasion. It shows or stands for solidarity/ mutual support. I totally love aso-ebi’s! They make a wedding very bright and bubbly. However, I do not indulge in the purchase of aso-ebi if the bride or groom aren’t verrrry close to me. weddings take place every Saturday and that isn’t one of my investment interest.
  3. Food :– Food is a constant at a Nigerian wedding and for us, NO Jollof rice, No wedding! We love our good old Jollof rice sooo much that some hosts will pack some Jollof rice for guests to take away.
  4. Souvenir:- The host presents guest with personalized souvenirs with their pictures , names and wedding dates.sov 2
  5. Spraying of Money:- The bridal dance at a Nigerian wedding is accompanied by guests spraying money on the bride and groom while they dance.
    spray 1

So, there you have it! Some spectacular(ness ) of Nigerian Weddings.

I hope it was a delight to read.


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