Ten Tips to Spice Up Our Marriages


After being with a spouse day after day, there is a tendency that we can become complacent and take the relationship for granted.


  1. Do new things Together: –
    This will help you discover your spouse in other ways. learn a language, go to the gym, dance classes. Just so something different together.

  2. Take a bath together: – being naked in the presence of your spouse helps you get rid of negative body image. It creates an avenue to initiate some naughtiness.
  3. Cuddle naked under your quilt and talk about expectations, aspirations and desires. You can read marriage books together and agree on areas that need to be worked on. It is an opportunity to apologize for any wrong.
  4. Exchange new wedding vows on your anniversary. This will serve as a reassurance of your commitment to each other.
  5. Try spending at least one day in a hotel every month or every quarter. Switch off all devices and just have an alone time (send the kids to grandma or a trusted friend)

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  6. Play games: – cultivate the habit of playing games together. The kids could be part of the game time. Play scrabble, Ludo, cards, chess, monopoly etc. After the kids have been put to bed, you could transit into playing truth or dare or ‘the 5 mins game’.The 5 Mins game: how to play: – Each spouse is allowed to do ANYTHING sexual to his or her spouse and the other spouse isn’t permitted to withdraw or resist for 5 mins and then after the alarm goes, they change roles…
  7. Get touchy mushy when you are out together. Try flirting with your spouse without anyone noticing.
  8. Make love somewhere other than your bedroom. Try switching off your security lights and using your back yard or maybe your kitchen.
    try out new positions and if it doesn’t quite play out well, have a good laugh.
  9. Go out for a date and stop over to take a professional picture when you are done. (No kids. Just the two of you).
    don’t forget to buy a ‘little’ gift when you go on your date or do those ‘little’ gestures like texting sweet nothings.
  10. Finally and most importantly, write down all your dreams as a couple and as individuals. pray about them daily. As God answers, strike it out of your list and make sure you celebrate the little achievements or answered prayers.


These tips are just suggestions and don’t necessarily work for everyone. Please share what has worked for you and let’s add to our list *wink


*…Blog pictures  gotten from google search through the sites below.
14 Things All Healthy Couples Do

6 thoughts on “Ten Tips to Spice Up Our Marriages

  1. Thanks for sharing on this ten tips.
    I hope the tests in marriage and exams of life concerning marriage allows us move to this stage of life.
    I will still keep these tips.
    Maybe I should say this ten tips are the ways you can celebrate each stage of marriage challenges and with them,
    you are ready or prepared for the next stages of life with its challenges.


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