Chit-Chat to Success


There are so many business ideas that can open up multiple streams of income for us if only we would take the risk, plan and then invest.

Most times, a partnership could make it easier to venture into a business as start-up cost, responsibilities and risk are shared.

So, when we sit with our friends, it is important that we brain storm on what we can do to create wealth or be a blessing to our world rather than GOSSIP
( I got you there right?)* wink

You probably thought this article was on business and partnership but it isn’t.
It’s about the need to be productive rather than wasting time on
“ casual unconstrained reports about other people which are not confirmed as true.”

We all know that we shouldn’t talk about people behind their backs but our natural inquisitiveness seems to engulf us anytime we are with friends. We feed the nagging emptiness of our self-image by talking about the struggles of others.

While this can temporarily boost our self-esteem, we must understand that it is as damaging to us as it is to the objects of our gossip.

Hence, we need to consciously stay away from gossip using the tips below.

  1. Take the plunge: – we all have big dreams and aspirations. Most times, we get afraid of venturing because we think we would fail. So? What if we fail? At least we would know that we tried but the truth is, there is a great chance that we would succeed. taking the plunge would keep us busy and productive. Our eyes would be fixed on succeeding rather than knowing stuff about others.
  2. Be quiet: – try being quiet as a friend babble’s a few spiteful words about someone else. Don’t say a word … I’m sure the next time that friend thinks of gossiping, she would restrain herself.
  3. Change the subject: – sometimes, friends just don’t take the hint. After using silence to no avail, you might need to change the subject. Interrupt the conversation with a positive message. This should work out pretty well BUT if it doesn’t, move to number 4.
  4. Ask for the source:- Ask for the source of the gist and inform the friend that he/she will be quoted. Just say,

“ May I quote you on this story” ,
“ Can I confirm your story from the people involved?”

And end the conversation by informing your “informant” that you do not appreciate being told about other people.

you may wish to suggest a few businesses that you guys could venture into.
No matter what you do or say to a gossiping friend be nice and watch your tone.

Prend soin de toi!



*…Blog picture [idea] gotten from through google search.

6 thoughts on “Chit-Chat to Success

  1. Na true oooooo. Big brains think about how to add value to their life but tinny brains talk about others. Sometimes when people talk too much they forget themselves and tell lies. Thank you sister. We will refrain from gossip.


  2. Thanks for sharing.
    Gossiping has never made anyone better but the Gossip have many friends and few enemies.
    The Bible said ” Blessed(Happy) is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly… nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful(The gossip).(psalm 1:1).
    I have not sat with vain persons, neither will I go in with dissembers (psalm 26:4).
    I sat not in the assembly of the mocker, nor rejoiced; i sat alone because of thy hand (Jeremiah 15:17).
    The truth is that the Gossip always want to be relevant (seeking for notice).
    The lip of truth shall be established for ever: but a lying tongue is but for a moment…
    Deceit is in the heart of them that imagine evil…
    (proverb 12:19-20).


  3. Amazing piece. Thanks AL for this platform that touches on so many great aspects of life. Not been able to keep up with it but mehn it is a great reference for any subject at all. I couldn’t agree any less on the subject. 24hrs is just enough to fulfil the purpose that God placed us on earth to do. Doing less productive activities like gossiping definitely means you are wasting the life God blessed you with. ☹ Not not not. There’s so much to be done before Jesus comes, let’s get busy doin those things.


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