Diary of an Oyibo Wife [IV]

couple 4.jpg

The ride home was faster than it usually was . I wished that it was longer… my Nigerian family rushed out and I was squashed by their bear hugs. We all walked into the sitting room and everyone was there!
We had a great time with a lot of Jollof rice and my favorite drink; Zobo. I had never felt so loved.

At least not until Tayo got on his knees and asked me to be his wife.
I was definitely praying for the question to be asked but didn’t think it would happen this soon.

Tayo and I sat down in his car and talked about our miserable time apart. Our failed relationships and how we would be Mr. and Mrs pretty soon.

We talked about our dreams, hopes, aspirations, desires and we practically planned our wedding within the hour…
Orange and green are our colour

… Phase four
I advised Tayo to call my dad and ask for his permission to ask me to be his wife.
(although he had asked already)

The next morning, I went to Tayo’s place before he left for work.
I had an appointment with my dean; Prof. Adam Olabisi (My Nigerian Father).
Tayo called my dad and I watched him tremble.

“ Hello, Please am I speaking with Mr. Watson?”

“ Good morning Sir”
“ My name is Tayo”
“ Please I love Dominic”
“ Please I really really love Dominic”
“ Please sir I want to be your son-in-law”
“I mean, I want Dominic to be my wife”
“ What I’m trying to say is that I want to ask Dominic to be my wife. I want to marry Dominic, Sir. I want to spend the rest of my life with your daughter, sir.”

(And Tayo was silent for about 20 mins)

He went from a standing position to a sitting position and then he had his elbow on his knee with his forehead in his palm. He finally said
“Ok sir!” , “Ok sir!” and another “Ok Sir !” before saying good bye.

He raised his head and his eyes were red and wet …

I tried to find out what dad had said but Tayo was late for work and so was I for my appointment with prof.

Throughout the day, I just couldn’t stop imagining what dad had said to Tayo. I wanted to call but I was busy trying to get help to secure a place for my house job …

That evening , Tayo had the chance to tell me what dad had said.

The summary

We had to tackle Tayo’s side next. Early Saturday morning,
We drove to Akure to see Tayo’s parents. I had met them a couple of times but Tayo wouldn’t introduce me to them as his girlfriend.
Of course! everyone knew “ Oyibo”

Tayo’s mum was the nicest host ever! She was just all over me.
Tayo hinted her of his intention to marry me and she immediately started dancing and saying stuff in Yoruba (I knew she was praying and thanking God as I kept hearing
“ O seun Oluwa”)

She asked me to kneel down as she prayed for me.
I had goose bumps all over me.
She pecked me on the cheek and informed me of my  “new” name; Ebun

Tayo came to get me. His dad wanted to speak with me alone.
(Tayo had informed me that Hi! wasn’t an acceptable greeting and
I had to refer to his dad as sir and his mum as ma)

“Good afternoon sir” I said
“Good afternoon my dear ” (with a stern expression)
“Tayo has just informed me of his intention to marry you”
“ You are a foreigner and I’m sure you don’t understand what you are getting into”
“Marriage in Nigeria is serious business”
“I understand that, sir”
“A Nigerian wife has responsibilities”
“Can you cook?”
(I thought it was a rhetorical question)
“My dear! Can you cook?? (with his voice raised)
I stuttered a “Yes Sir” I actually couldn’t cook but Tayo’s dad scared me at this point.
I wasn’t sure if my inability to cook would end a marriage that hadn’t even started.

I told a couple more lies out of fear …

“ A LOT of Kids?! Why would I want “A lot of Kids??

Wearing “iro” and “buba”? OMG!!! That wasn’t even as scary as being married to the Omotosho family …. He explained that in Nigeria, family didn’t ask for permission before visiting and staying in a hotel wasn’t even an option…

I finished my meeting feeling ruffled as I walked towards Tayo…


… to be continued 


*…Blog picture [couple 4] gotten from https://disqus.com/home/channel/lovestinks/discussion/channel-lovestinks/being_together_why_do_married_women_have_more_time_for_dating_than_single_ones/ through google search.

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