Perfect Imperfections

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I have never written one article that I thought was perfect.
However, after publishing it, I get a lot of kudos.

The process of just posting my “imperfect” stories and
articles has taught me to JUST DO IT!
Waiting for an article to be perfectly written is just me afraid of my work being critiqued … Have I gotten some nasty and unkind criticisms? Yes!
However, I have gotten more gracious compliments.

I understand that not everyone will like my work and the effort that I put into it and rather than dwell on this FACT, I have CHOSEN to see this journey as a process that will propel me towards achieving my dreams.

Nothing in itself is perfect.

Seeking to find the perfect time, write the perfect article, start the perfect business or be a perfect parent would only lead to a vicious circle of “discontentment” which in turn, results in exhaustion.

Hence, the right time to start or delve into achieving that goal is NOW!
There will never be a better time or condition.

Think back to all the things you could have done and all the excuses that you made up to justify not starting.

“I’m pregnant”,
“my kids are too young”,
“I’m not experienced enough”,
“I don’t have the time”,
“I don’t have enough start-up capital”,
“I’m too old”.

Challenge these beautiful excuses with an action. JUST DO IT!

We all have those wonderful ideas that we know would improve our lives but somehow, we keep waiting for the “right time”, the sad news is that PERFECT TIME IS A MYTH.

I can almost hear someone say “how do I cough up $30, 000 for my MBA?”

That is a huge task but is that all that you want to achieve?
What about the “smaller” goals like learning a second language or
writing a professional exam?

And the weight loss program?
Why do you have to start at the end of the month? … lol
(now this is directed at me)

The reason I have mentioned this is because I KNOW someone will definitely try to find out how my weight loss program is progressing.

Telling you made me accountable to you
… especially because losing weight isn’t a very personal issue for me.
If it were, I’ll probably just confide in my trusted buddies and then, be accountable to them. One of the greatest drawback to achieving a goal is DISTRACTION..

Distraction in our minds (Internal distraction) as earlier stated and
Distractions that come in the form of friends, family or devices (External distraction)

Sometimes, to achieve goals, we would need to “go into hiding” and come out only after we have succeeded.

I’m hoping that this article though not perfect has pricked someone to take that much needed step.

And for the record, I’m starting my weight loss program today. No more food after 6pm.




*…Blog picture [just do it] gotten from  through google search.


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