My 2017


Yes, life can be cruel sometimes …

… and in this festive season, I have had to sit and reflect on the ups and many downs of 2016.

It is easy to be thankful when everything is going well but when things aren’t going the way we know they were supposed to, try as we may, many of us cannot reach down to find anything to be thankful for.

It is especially hard when everyone thinks we are ‘blessed’ and should be smiling and dancing our way into the new year…

As I pondered on this and the need to get over the overwhelming feeling of inadequacy, I suddenly realized that those ‘downs’ weren’t as many as I thought.

I had ruminated on the ‘downs’ so much that it was all I saw.

My life is far more than the downs that I experienced in 2016 and so, in spite of it all I choose to live.

I choose to be thankful that not everything went wrong. I choose to put on my game face and look outside of myself.

I choose to accept that life can be unfair, unfortunate, transient and impermanent.

I choose to accept that I do not have control over everything.

I choose to start again.

Happy New Year!!!

1 Thessalonians 5: 18


*…Blog picture  gotten from through google search.

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