Job or Hobby?


Hi guys !

It has been (151) One Hundred and Fifty-One days since I put pen to paper.
I got several messages asking, “why?”

I really haven’t been able to give any tangible answer but today I figured it out!


I have always enjoyed writing but as I got down to blogging, it became a “job” and pressure took the desire to write away …. I LOST MY HOBBY.

Keeping up with writing “Blog Worthy” posts dried up my well of inspiration as I started getting worried about performance.

I lost the essence of starting the blog… … JUST WRITING MY THOUGHTS ALOUD

This time away from the blog has helped with rekindling my desire to write – Yippee!!!

I’ll just take my time to write my thoughts and connect with my readers and followers. I’ll seek other perspectives on the topics I write about.

Writing is still a hobby and so, I’ll still write to unwind and not let the pressure get to me.

Thank you for checking up on me within this period.

I’m glad to be back. 🙂




*…Blog picture [hobby vs job] gotten from  through google search.




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