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Writing my exams were hard!!! I had severe pain in my pelvis.
This wasn’t the first time but mum would normally just give me pain killers.

This time, it was excruciating and I was taken to see Dr. Brown.
Before now, he had advised that I stopped exercising vigorously. I did.
On this particular visit, I was made to lie down on my back with my knees bent and my feet on a pair of stirrups. This was the most embarrassing experience of my life.

I was diagnosed with having an imperforate hymen. My mum was informed that a minor surgery would be required to resect my hymen to relieve the obstruction of my blood flow.

Although I was afraid, Dr. Brown did well in assuring me that it wasn’t a big deal.
Mum was reassured too. I did a pelvic ultra sound and the date for my surgery was fixed. 10th march 2014.

After the surgery, I woke up with Dr. Brown smiling down at me. “ you are now pretty down there” he said. That was so awkward but his smile put my heart to rest. I stayed in the hospital for two more weeks and at 6pm I was given tablets and dilators were inserted into me for 15mins each day to ensure that my incision didn’t close up.

I was discharged on the 25th of march and the back pain, stomach pain and all the problem I had had with moving my bowels and urinating were gone!
However, after a few months I was adding weight…

Dr. Brown assured mum that it was normal because I had stopped exercising or moving about for that matter. He gave me some tablets that made me bleed profusely. Dr brown called and asked if the bleeding was profuse. Yes, it was! He asked my mum to celebrate my first menstruation as he stated that it was normal.

Two weeks later, I was really sick and was rushed to the hospital.
The bleeding hadn’t stopped.

Dr. Brown was on leave. We tried to reach him to no avail.

A scan was done and I was asked the silliest questions.i’m 15 yrs old!!! I haven’t as much as hugged a guy, how can I try to abort a pregnancy?!!

Mum was so disappointed in me. I could see it in her eyes.

“ mum please how does one become pregnant” I asked.

The Dr on Duty; Dr Ojo smiled almost mockingly… he informed mum that I needed to do an ultrasound to see what was going on. The next day, mum was informed that the “product of conception” didn’t come out of my system and I had been infected. They needed to do a D&C immediately.

I was placed on an IV and given some drugs. Everything seemed like a dream… mum asked me one more time who was responsible for the pregnancy that I was trying to abort. With tears in my eyes, I assured her that I had never been with any man.

I woke up with my sad mum staring at me . she informed me that she had requested a prenatal DNA paternity test.

We were now determined to get answers. We made a formal report at the Alagbon Police Head Quarters Lagos and investigations began.

I was mocked and ridiculed …. The investigators kept asking me to “ tell the truth” … I tried to think out a truth but there was none to tell. Mum was the only human being that believed me and it didn’t take long before depression set in.

I started believing that I knew something but was hiding it. What could it be? Why can’t I remember?

All the men that were friends with me were tested but it was all negative…

Our days were spent trying to figure out who the father of my foetus could be.

Weeks turned into months until Dr. Brown was asked why I had to be in the hospital for two weeks after a minor surgery… why did I need to be sedated for the dilators to be inserted?

Why wasn’t there a nurse present each time the dilators were inserted?

Why did Dr. Brown buy mifepristol tablets from the pharmacy?

Why didn’t the hospital folder on the same day have those drugs?

These questions raised red flags and my 55yrs old doctor; Dr. brown was tested .


The DNA paternity test showed that Dr. Brown is the father of my aborted foetus.

At this point, tears filled my eyes as I looked at Dr. Brown…He bent his head in shame and I was asked to leave the witness box.

I walked out of the box determined not to remain trapped in my past. I forgave Dr. Brown but the justice system didn’t.

The day of judgement finally came and I saw the anguish in his eyes as he was sentenced to life imprisonment. I cannot forget the scream we all heard as a woman was pulled out of the courtroom.

I was powerless!!! I wished I could set him free for her sake. Though not within the confines of a jail room, I knew that Mrs Brown had been sentenced too…



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