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I’m not one to make new year resolutions but after reading Habakkuk 2:2,
I decided to.
          ” And the LORD answered me:
             Write the vision, make it plain on tablets so he may run who reads it.”

So, these are my Top 5 resolutions.

1.    Be Happy and laugh More:

scientist say that, when we laugh, endorphin are released through out our body. These endorphin stimulate our muscles, nerves, organs and tissues. Studies show that this helps to relieve pain and stress, thereby promoting the function of the immune system.

My bible puts it better in proverbs 17: 22

“ A merry heart doeth good like a medicine but a broken spirit drieth the bones”

so this year, I have chosen to embrace laughter as my medicine.

2.   Watch Less TV and Put my Phone down.

Someone described watching TV as “ Junk Food for the Brain”… lol.
Just like junk food, watching TV does not pose any concerns as long as it is integrated into a well balanced life.
A life that consists of fun activities  and healthy relationships.

Between watching TV and face-booking, I spend at least five hours daily.

Lets do the math.


             5 Hours X   365          =         1,825 Hours a year.

That is approximately 76 days

Which is more than two months, which is in turn

(76/365) X 100 = 20.8% 0f a whole year.

That’s toooo much time to passively absorb data from screens.

So, I’m cutting down TV and social media in this new year and intentionally choosing superior ways of spending my time.

Long walks with my hubby and kids, more writing on this blog (hopefully 🙂 ) and maybe I’ll learn new skills like swimming and tennis.

3.   Dress with Style.

My friends are going to read this and laugh. You know why?

Every year, Dr Folashadey Ojo-Benys and I resolve to be more Stylish.

Well, thus far, we haven’t succeeded BUT I’m going at it again. High heels, nice hair, make up, the whole works!! 🙂

4.   Give more to Charity.

You know how we always think that we would give more when we have more? I realized that it is just a thought.

Giving isn’t determined by how much we have but on our desire to give.

When I had far less, I gave far more…

So, in this new year , I’m intentionally committing to give and give more.

I’ll visit orphanages more and assist those that have less around me.

No matter how much I give at the end, I would have given my very best.

5.  Stop procrastinating

if I need to do it, I’ll do it NOW.

So, that’s it guys

Happy New year Once again 🙂


*…Blog picture [reinvent] gotten from  through google search.

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