Guilty Pleasure…


Sometime in 1991

(singing) Let’s talk about sex, baby.
            let’s talk about you and me,
            let’s talk about…

before I could finish the song, I received the most resounding slap of my life!!!

“ Who taught you to sing that bad song” ( that was my cousin)

The pain didn’t compare to the shame I felt.
I was ” caught ” singing about ” bad ” things.
For days, I prayed that I wouldn’t be reported to my mum.
I didn’t want her to be disappointed in me…

December, 2016

Moving Houses… I’m cleaning up my room with a dear friend and sister; Charity Opare.

“Mrs Laguda, what is this?” she asked

I turned around and she was holding up my new vibrating ring in its pack.
I could have passed out from the embarrassment I felt.
(I must add that we are both married with kids)
So, why was it difficult to just tell her what the object she was holding was?
I am married and in the best position to talk about SEX.
If I can’t speak about SEX openly and honestly, who should?

As Christians, most of us grew up in a culture of silence as it pertains to sex.

Hush! Hush!!

Sex and God seem incompatible ( especially for women)
speaking about Sex, Foreplay and its pleasures unnerves us and a word like “orgasm” is a taboo.
We have been robbed of the pleasure that comes from sexual intimacy.
Somewhere in our subconscious we think that sex and God are alternatives.

God designed our bodies Himself and I believe He knew that we would derive pleasure from sexual expressions.

So, why the shame? :/

I totally agree that boundaries are essential when talking about sex but really,
how many of us will freely discuss our bodies and sex with our spouse?
(the one we are “ doing it” with)

Why do I walk into a pharmacy with the intention to buy a variety of lubricants and end up buying a cough syrup?

Why couldn’t I have told Mrs Opare (Charity Opare) that a vibrating ring is a Sex toy that goes on the penis and at the top, there is a tiny little vibrator and when having sex, it gives a very pleasurable sensation.

Information like this isn’t explicit. Or is it?




*…Blog picture [gp] gotten from  through google search.

2 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasure…

    1. Itsetosan I’m a bit embarrassed that you are reading this…lol
      It is what it is #facecovered

      On a more serious note, we need to talk about these things
      especially in church. After abstaining, It should be everything
      we hoped it will be… 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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