The Good Life


Life isn’t that complicated. 

We tend to complicate things in order to create a class system that helps us hide our insecurities but at the same time, inflict ourselves with stress.

We spend our lives trying to keep up rather than living it.

Think about it…  who made up all these rules of life? Man did !! mostly for selfish interest.

The world is ruled by a very small percentage of people who have made rules that will keep them at the top forever. But really, why should we care?

We care because they tell us to care through adverts,

           “you should have a bigger house with a lot of rooms.
Each kid should have a room to himself/ herself”

            “your car would be more comfortable if it has a lot of leg room”

            “ this lotion will keep you looking younger”

            “this phone has a thousand functions”

            “This lipstick or perfume lasts for 24hrs or more”

What these adverts say to us is


However, because it is a rat race, we will never attain that level of coolness as the yardstick for being cool will ALWAYS be improved/ increased.

There will always be more to acquire … more money, more degrees, more cars, more houses, more holiday destinations, More! More!! More!!!

We just keep working “HARD” to make a lot of money in order to spend a lot of money.

I love the good life but my idea of the good life seems to be different on so many levels…

To my mind, buying a GOOD phone and being able to use it for years till it packs up is the good life… living in different countries and learning about different cultures is the good life. Being able to prepare different local delicacies from around the world is the good life (I looooooove to cook) living in my own house and watching the kids grow, leave home and return with their kids is the good life. Having money and being able to donate to a worthy cause is the good life.

My kids don’t have to sleep in different rooms because that’s the “cool” thing to do. Neither do I need to buy a phone because it has a million functions or a house because it has a gym, pool or lawn tennis court if I won’t utilize it fully.

The things that I acquire should improve the quality of my life not impress the people around me.

The things that I acquire shouldn’t be the determinant of my “Status” in life.

I want to enjoy the “little “things of life without trying to keep up with standards set by sales men/ marketers. I want to wear clothes because I’m comfortable in them and they suit my body and not because they are in vogue.

 I don’t want a wardrobe filled with clothes and shoes that I never wear. I don’t want cars that would keep me awake at night. I don’t want a house that would make me more of a domestic worker rather than an owner.

I want to live a life of quality filled with time to nurture beautiful relationships.

I want a good life that doesn’t put pressure on me 🙂




*…Blog picture [good life] gotten from through google search.

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