Open Diaries.

dear Diary.pngWeek One…

We met at a club and he was as bubbly as I wanted my husband to be; His passion for what he liked, got my attention, the adventures he was ready to try out blew me away. Bayo and I were two musketeers on a wld adventure.

we did everything that could be done bu two young adults and i was satisfied with the choice I had made.

Three years later, nothing was the same.

Bayo Started attending Church on Sundays and the Wednesdays and before I knew it, he was paying tithe religiously and sowing seeds.

“Bayo, you are taking this church thing too seriously!” I always said, He just kept assuring me that nothing will change but everything changed!

As a good wife, I tried to catch up with his church pace but before i could put myself together, I became the wife of a Pastor.

I didn’t prepare to be a Pastor’s wife but somehow, i had to play the role and look the part…

….. to be continued

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