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I’m not one to make new year resolutions but after reading Habakkuk 2:2,
I decided to.
          ” And the LORD answered me:
             Write the vision, make it plain on tablets so he may run who reads it.”

So, these are my Top 5 resolutions.

1.    Be Happy and laugh More:

scientist say that, when we laugh, endorphin are released through out our body. These endorphin stimulate our muscles, nerves, organs and tissues. Studies show that this helps to relieve pain and stress, thereby promoting the function of the immune system.

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Job or Hobby?


Hi guys !

It has been (151) One Hundred and Fifty-One days since I put pen to paper.
I got several messages asking, “why?”

I really haven’t been able to give any tangible answer but today I figured it out!


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 Banana Balls

bake 1.jpg

What do we eat today?

What would I prepare for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

I’m sure a lot of mums can totally relate with these thoughts that cross our minds throughout the day.

With the kids on holidays, I’m almost certain that the thoughts have intensified … lol

Well, I learnt how to prepare an easy kid-friendly snack that my kids totally love and I’m here to share.

BANANA BALLS !!! (Togolese call it Caclo)

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Parenting Quotes

the quote12

Parenting is one great part of life you could almost never get prepared for…
I was looking for some great tips for parenting recently and came across some quotes and tips that where so “hitting the nail on the head”,  and I just had to share.

” Don’t Worry that your Children never listen to you;
    Worry that they are always watching you”.
Robert Fulgham

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True Friends.


Thanks to Facebook, I have nine hundred and four ‘friends’

The definition of ‘friend’ seems to have changed over the years. However, I’m sticking to the old definition which states –

Friend – a person known WELL to another and regarded with liking, affection and loyalty. – Collins dictionary.

It is awesome to have hundreds of people celebrate my successes by liking and commenting on my posts. However, it is more awesome to have friends who would like and comment on my posts and in addition to that, would stick to me through thick and thin.

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The Next Best Selling Author.

bella 2

The life that we live and the things we expose our kids to, opens their minds to possibilities.

So, I recently, I started writing a lot and this has gotten my daughter interested in writing.

She told me few days ago that she would love to be an author and I asked her to get to work. I was still trying to put my draft together for a book I’m working on and my daughter has already finished writing and illustrating a book.bella 1

bella 3.jpgbella 4.jpg


Well done baby!!!, I am so proud of you 🙂

Welcome to the beginning of my baby’s career!!!



Guilty Mum

One area of my life that I always get kudos for is how well I raise my kids.

“ your kids are so well behaved …”

I hear that all the time. However, I don’t have the fulfilment of a perfect mother.  God has been my cover up and that’s the absolute truth!!!

I try my best, I really do but sometimes,
the short-cuts are my only option and so far, I have gotten away with it.
I haven’t been privileged to have help from family when it comes to babysitting my kids and when I desperately NEED my ‘ME’ time,
my TV helps out.
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Hello!!!  … Welcome to Just Writing Aloud.

My name is Anne Laguda, a wife and mother of two. Here at Just Writing Aloud, you will find a compilation of my thoughts and opinions.

My goal is to create a place where people, especially women, feel free to share their opinion on diverse issues.

My Sweet Spot.

Proverbs 17:22 – ” A merry heart doeth good like medicine …”.
I will be sharing little things that bring me joy or make me happy.
Please share your sweet spots with me.
I’ll publish them and give you credit for it.
Your sweet spot may include: statements; made by your children, pictures, videos, stories/ testimonies, achievements of friends and family or just something unusual.
This would come periodically under Articles.